Veonics Enterprise Portal Plan

Veonics Enterprise Portal Plan


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Veonics™ Enterprise Portal Plan

Cloud Based Badging and Printing Solution

eXpress badging is offering a revolutionary new process in ID manage software. No more software to manage when using our Veonics Portal™ cloud-based Print Queue Manager™ software as a service. Just login, create your badge records, and print to your local ID badge printer. No local software required to print your photo ID badges other than the Veonics Print Queue Manager™ desktop applet (vPQM™).

Featuring our Veonics CELLfie™ photo email request tool allowing remote user to securely submit their ID badge photos from their mobile device, or PC, for cropping and approval by authorized staff. Once data and photos are approved and saved, your badge record is ready for printing.

Once purchased, you'll be on your way delivering the most revolutionary, advanced and secure method of photo identity management. Contact eXpress badging today if you'd like further assistance.

Key Features:
  • 15 Active Veonics Portal™ user with vPQM™ access: used to print to a local printer. 
  • 50 Additional non-printing users.
  • 10,000 Records included.
  • Easily print ID badges to your desktop badge printer.
  • Powerful web-based Veonics vID Designer™.
  • ID badge templates provided and are self-managed.
  • CELLfie™ photo email request tool.
  • Web-based live capture, or importing of your ID photos.
  • Data and Photo import/export tools.
  • Secured by Veonics Security First Focus™ threat deterrent and assessment architecture.
  • eXpress badging will provide a short and live training session.
  • Rebadge submit option to eXpress badging's outsourced printing services.

More Info:
  • Select from many of our badge holders and accessories.
  • Add the power of proximity card RFID to your ID badge system.
  • Call for additional support options or configurations 800-909-8602