Small Business ID Cards(Qty: 250 to 499)

Small Business ID Cards(Qty: 250 to 499)


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Small Business ID Cards "Industry Player" (Qty: 250 to 499)

For small businesses involved in food processing and canning, mining, electric power generation, industrial manufacturing, and other companies that have 250 to 499 employees, we offer the "Industry Player" small business ID card printing service. The roles of identification systems and ID badges in companies with over 250 employees are very diverse and include branding, identification and access control. The bigger the size of the staff, the more important it becomes to maintain the consistency of the brand's image. Employees who belong to different departments and don't interact with each other on a day-to-day basis also need to easily identify each other. Larger staff companies are also exposed to the risks of unauthorized access to their facilities that may result in the loss of possessions and illegal misappropriation of trade secrets and "know-how". Our small business ID card printing service "Industry Player" addresses all of these needs by providing personally identifiable ID badges consistent with your brand's imagery and complemented with RFID, iClass, MIFARE or other proximity technology.

Small Business ID Cards that are custom printed and shipped within 2 business days of receiving a quality logo, photos and data.

WE PRINT Photo ID Badge Process:
  • You select your ID design template 
  • You email your logo and backside text
  • You approve your ID badge design proof
  • You enter your badge data into your assigned badge account
  • You upload, crop and save your photos
  • You notify us when they're ready to print
  • WE PRINT your photo ID badges per Batch with 24 to 48 hours

ID Badge Specifications:
  • ID card stock: opaque white PVC material
  • Printed: Color Front and Black Back
  • Additional Options can be selected
  • Call for technology badge options 800-909-8602

Upon placing your order, you will be contacted by an Identification Specialist regarding your ID badge design and submission of your artwork and badge data. Please feel free to contact us at 800-909-8602.