Small Business ID Cards (Qty: 10 to 24)

Small Business ID Cards (Qty: 10 to 24)


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Small Business ID Cards "Small Team" (Qty: 10 to 24)

For the small businesses that only need a handful of 10 to 24 employee ID cards, we offer our branded "Small Team" printing service. We are surrounded by the brands culture nowadays, where customers experience the need to relate themselves to the brands they consume and use. In order to survive in this age, companies big and small are propelled to create, communicate and maintain the image of their brand using a variety of tools and channels. One of the essential ways to communicate a brand identity through your employees’ appearance is by providing them with ID badges that contain your company's logo and related imagery along with the name and the role of each employee. This not only helps to create a better brand awareness and recognition but also establishes a foundation for personalized customer experience in your company's environment.

OUr Small Business ID Cards are custom printed and shipped within 2 business days of receiving a quality logo, photos and data.

WE PRINT Photo ID Badge Process:
  • You select your ID design template 
  • You email your logo and backside text
  • You approve your ID badge design proof
  • We provide a spreadsheet for you to fill out badge data
  • We import your data exactly as provided
  • We import, crop and save your photos
  • We print your photo ID badges per Batch with 24 to 48 hours

ID Badge Specifications:
  • ID card stock: opaque white PVC material
  • Printed: Color Front and Black Back
  • Additional Options can be selected
  • Call for technology badge options 800-909-8602

Upon placing your order, you will be contacted by an Identification Specialist regarding your ID badge design and submission of your artwork and badge data. Please feel free to contact us at 800-909-8602.