Signatures for Identification Badges

Signatures for Identification
Having a signature on an identification credential dates back 50 years or more when photographic technology was not cost-effective, and a signature was used when further authentication was required.
Today in our modern world, signatures are not recommended AT ALL if a photograph is on the badge: unless your environment/use is so secure and you have defined engagement procedures in place. On the rare occurrence if a photo ID badge is deemed questionable authorized personnel will use the signature on the badge by using a matching process. This will require having the badge holder sign a form in the presence of authorized staff that is trained in the skill of signature matching. Then, if fraud is detected, an entirely new set of procedures must be in place to manage that occurrence.
If there is a photo on the badge and the person does not look like the photo...deny authentication. Or ask for another form of ID that has a photo that looks like them. And of course, retrieve the questionable badge requiring a new badge to be issued immediately.
So, if after reading this disclaimer you determine your issuance model warrants signature capture and printing on the badge, you will want to manage the signature images with increased security, and it is highly recommended that the signature files are stored on a secured server, with strict access rights to those who need access. You can always have a signature strip placed on your badge media and have the individual directly sign the badge.
If you have a valid use for a signature, please share with us below...other than the government requires they cannot tell you why they require it other than "that is the way it has always been done and is still required". When was the last time you have been denied anything due to your signature not matching?
Author: Joe French
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