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School IDs, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow!

When you ask a parent about their most valuable possession, 10 out of 10 of them would say their children. Naturally, society and technology need to work together to keep children safe. A decade or two ago, most students did not need much security in schools or universities, only a simple form of school identification was needed.

old school

Times have changed and so have the standard expectations of identification cards. ID badge cards of today are more sophisticated and expected to do things aside from providing a name. This is where digital identification cards come into the scene.

Student cards can be a key to students university dorms, school store for purchasing, school computer labs, library access, access to their meal programs, cashless vending, pay for print jobs, access to copy machines and even laundry services. Using Integrated Transaction Control Systems, the card technology allows access into a secure portal to load money as needed.

Mobile identification, uses Veonics vID, which will allow you to merely come in physical proximity to the door or POS location along with facial recognition will create a near engage-less experience. In the future, campus employees may publish their virtual school ID card on a digital badge token that is worn for visual ID while on campus. Even George Jetson would be impressed.

Have you ever been ticketed for not having a physical drivers license? Not anymore! With a Digital Driver's License (DDL), you can keep your wallet at home! States like Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Maryland and Wyoming, and District of Columbia, have piloted the use of digital driver's licenses in recent years. Digital identification over a conventional paper ID credential has better security, privacy and makes authentication easier for law enforcement.

For most schools, regardless of district size, private or public, being able to have this ID technology at their fingertips is required. Visit the You Print area of our site so our ID Specialists can recommend what software and hardware equipment you need to print your own school ID today!

If you can wait a couple of days, We can Print your school ID for you!

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