Scanshell 1000 w/Photo Capture License

Scanshell 1000 w/Photo Capture License


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Scanshell 1000 ID Scanner

Scanshell 1000 is the ideal Passport Scanner for scanning images from passport and driver license - the unique structure , the easy-to-use interface and compact package is best suited for scanning passports & driver's licenses, providing the user with an image of the document. With our Passport Scanner you can also scan Driver Licenses, Bank Checks, ID Cards and Photos.

ScanShell 1000N passport scanner:
  • Flatbed passport scanner
  • Only few seconds per scan
  • No external power needed - USB connection
  • Twain compatible
  • Auto-detect function
  • Fully portable small print passport scanner 

The Scanshell 1000scanner has a standard 1 year warranty, an extended 1 year warranty or 2 years warranty can be added for an additional cost.