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Secure RFID Cards and Access Control Readers

from eXpress badging

eXpress badging is breaking the mold on how you procure your door access readers and cards. Let eXpress badging be your single resource for your access readers and cards. Once you select the technology that works best for your organization, have your local security integrator install the readers as needed. This process allows your company to retain control of your security for the entire life cycle of your system.

Most contactless readers use NFC (Near Field Communication) 13.56 high-frequency technology that has been around for many years. In addition, proximity cards and readers use low-frequency technology and are still being installed today. Both are subject to easy card duplication due to market availability and mass distribution. eXpress badging’s solution to this security dilemma is our new Protect-XID™ line of cards and readers that use a highly secured version of NFC technology. We lock down the card and reader using encryptions that are far more secure than standard proximity cards and contactless MIFARE smart card technology offers.

The primary use of our Protect-XID™ product line is physical access control of doors and gates. Others include use in attendance, tracking, and point of sale card transaction systems. Protect-XID™ cards and readers are system agnostic, meaning they only require a Wiegand output for integration with most new and legacy solutions on the market. No software changes or database conversions are necessary when implementing our Protect-XID™ reader system. Just upgrade your ID cards and readers to our Protect-XID™ technology.

Ask for Protect-XID™ cards, FOBs, and readers by name on your next upgrade or new installation. Expedite your project deployment by using our photo ID rebadging services.

SPECIAL OFFER: For every 200 Protect-XID™ print quality cards you buy, you’ll receive a free Protect-XID™ reader of your choice. Talk to your ID Specialist for more information.