Visitor Management Systems

Visitor Management: Cloud Software, Expiring Labels and Printers

Visitor management systems allow to issue a temporary badge or another identity document for on-site visitors to control access to the building or other facilities. One of the most convenient and secure ways to manage and control visitor on-site access is the use of self-expiring visitor labels that adhere to a person's clothing or a reusable badge backing. Visitor management process that uses adhesive visitor badges is simple and straightforward; it usually includes visitor label software to enter and manage data, USB camera to capture visitors' photos, visitor label printer with consumables to print out adhesive badges and a variety of complementary accessories such as reusable backings and strap clips. We offer a variety of visitor management products and services stretching from label printing supplies to all-in-one visitor management solutions that include visitor management cloud software. Our visitor management SaaS cloud is a secure and convenient way to store and access personal information about the visitors, their access point limitations and other data. Call us now and our experts will guide you through our all-in-one turn-key visitor management solution implementation.