PVC ID Card Printers

eXpress badging™ provides ID card printers at your convenience when you require an upgrade or are getting started with printing your ID cards. We offer the industry’s most trusted brands, including Fargo, Zebra, IDP, and Nisca card printers. With our top-selling selection of printers, we promise you will find the perfect printer suitable for your needs and applications.

We carry affordable ID card printers perfect for any kind of job environment. From low to mid-volume jobs, all the way up to high-volume jobs, we’ve got the right printer for you!

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ID Card Printer Capabilities

Whether you are looking to purchase a brand new ID card printer or simply upgrade an existing badging system, eXpress badging™ will help guide you to finding the perfect printer suitable for your needs.

  • Capable of encoding magnetic stripes
  • Process of RFID (radio-frequency identification)
  • Double-sided printing and lamination capabilities

ID Card Printer Tips:

First, you need to determine how many badges you are going to need:

  • Low-volume: less than 150 badges per year
  • Mid-volume: between 150 and 600 badges per year
  • High-volume: greater than 600 badges per year

Are you prepared to answer the questions below?

I need a …

  • Low, Middle, or High Volume printer?
  • Single side or duplex printing?
  • Mag Stripe Encoder or not?
  • RFID Reader/Encoder or not?
  • Lamination Module or not?
  • Dye-sublimation or High-Definition?
  • Security Pattern or not?
  • USB and/or Ethernet configured?

Let our team of Identification Specialists help you get started! If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries, please contact us!

  • High-volume direct-to-card printers are designed for continuous printing, producing high-quality graphics. These printers are the most commonly used in today’s technology.
  • Use Low to mid-volume direct-to-card printers for badging programs consisting of a range between 100-300 badges.
  • We recommend using over-laminate media to extend the life of your badges to their full potential. Laminating will protect your badges from image wear, fading, and cracks.
  • Most badge printers come with extended warranties that include part replacement, installation labor, and shipping costs.

With all of the badge printer technologies to choose from, it can be confusing when selecting the best printer for your project.