Printable Employee Badges

PVC Card Stock, Printable Employee Badges & Blank Magnetic Stripe Cards

Whether you need blank magnetic stripe cards or printable employee badges, we offer a number of blank PVC card options to choose from:

  • PVC Card Stock
  • Standard 100% PVC
  • Durable Composite PVC
  • 50 MIl PVC SDtock
  • Magnetic Stripe PVC
  • Generic Secured Imaged PVC
  • Adhesive PVC
  • Custom Printed PVC
  • RFID Card Stock

Whether your organization is growing or you need to replace worn out employee badges, eXpress badging is your affordable photo ID, proximity and magnetic stripe card source. Choose from basic PVC card stock ideal for wallet identification cards and badges not used in swipe card readers. Advanced "composite" PVC card media allows magnetic stripe, RFID, smart card and contactless media to be encoded onto the photo ID badge for organizations requiring advanced card technology and the longest card life. Composite card media has polyester added to the PVC increasing durability when laminated and slotted. The most common format is 60/40 or 60% PVC/40% Polyester.

We are proud to offer generic RFID proximity cards by eXpressBadging with the same card technology as UltraCard branded cards at better prices with faster shipping. Contact us with your questions. We’re happy to discuss your unique photo ID badging scenario and recommend the best PVC card stock to meet your needs. Please note you can not order slotted PVC card stock!

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