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Jolly ID Badge Software

Jolly, manufacturer of the #1 photo ID card software, makes it a snap for just about anyone to create a professional badge system to keep track of employees, students, members, guests or for other security purposes. With an option of three different systems, Jolly Badger, Jolly ID Flow Standard and Jolly ID Flow Premier, you have everything at your fingertips to enroll cardholders either individually or en masse and to capture photos, signatures and even biometrics for inclusion on cards or badges.

Jolly software, whether it's Jolly Badger Software or Jolly ID Software, includes predefined templates and allow for rich text formatting, the importing of images and printing of multiple layers. The Jolly Badger is a stand-alone, entry-level system for designing and producing smaller numbers of cards using basic badge software. ID Flow Standard is a step up, also stand-alone, and meant for single-user locations. ID Flow Premium is an advanced system meant for users with multiple locations and stricter security needs, including access control and centralized data. Contact us with your requirements; we’ll be happy to recommend the best solution based on your needs.


Jolly Badger - Standalone with limited features.

ID Flow Standard - Standalone enhanced features.

ID Flow Premier - Networkable with advanced features and data integration


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