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PremiSys™ ID Pro provides the features you want and the security you need for your ID badging program. Its attractive screen displays help you create your ID card designs. Designed by IDenticard's own team of industry experts, this innovative ID badge solution is packed with additional security features and enhances the level of any security management program.


The software comes with a database and four default screen designs to get you started quickly. Default screen designs are included for: industry, healthcare, education and recreation. Select from one of these existing designs or create a custom look that is unique to your organization. The Screen Design Wizard and Card Designer use the ease of drag-and-drop to place selections on your screen or card design quickly and easily.

Use PremiSys ID Pro with IDenticard's durable JetPak® all-plastic cards to create long-lasting multifunctional and attractive ID cards. The systems may also be used with PVC cards.



PremiSys Mobile app for ID Badging

PremiSys Mobile is a breakthrough in photo identification software and increases both productivity and security. The first mobile application for photo ID software, PremiSys Mobile speeds the issuing of ID cards by bringing the badging process to the floor instead of requiring employees to leave their jobs to report to the badging office. Simply use the smart phone to snap the employee's picture and send the ID card data to the card printer.

  • Take cardholder pictures
  • Add a new cardholder record and print the card
  • Assign and modify what doors a cardholder may access (when used with PremiSys access control system)
  • Instantly deactivate a cardholder record so that it no longer has access to the building(s) (when used with PremiSys access control system)
  • Assign users who may use the mobile application

The Features You Want

  • Mobile application
  • Versatile Card Design Option
  • Customizable Data Entry Screen
  • Data Entry Screen Bitmap Logic
  • Photo Capture Using Digital WIA or TWAIN
  • Signature Capture
  • User-Definable Database Fields
  • Tabbed Pages for Organizing Data
  • Data Import Utility with Scheduler
  • Custom Configure Cardholder Reporting
  • Context-Sensitive Online Help
  • Multiple Card Stock Options

There is more to an ID badge system than simply creating durable, professional looking cards. As a security company, we are committed to promoting and safekeeping cards and card-design software. PremiSys ID Pro offers the built-in security features that allow restriction of issued cards. Additional options enhance security, keeping your company safe and strong.


The Security You Need

  • LDAP Sign-on and Connection
  • User-Definable Security Profiles
  • Screen Logic Capabilities
  • Cardholder Filtering
  • Immediate System Backup
  • User Journal tracks cardholder changes made by system users
  • User Journal tracks
  • Date/Time Stamp on Save, Print and Image Capture
  • Add Access Control Capabilities When Needed