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Assure ID 7 ID Software

For the next generation in name badge software, design and production, Asure ID Express offers a full range of options that can be tailored to meet the security and personnel management/tracking needs of any organization. From the easily affordable, entry-level Asure ID 7 Solo, designed for companies requiring only basic ID card issuance and management to the Asure ID 7 Exchange for advanced card management applications, Assure has it all.

Four easily-learned and simple to use systems are available, each using highly sophisticated ID card software that make card design and production quick and easy. The ID software is intuitive and full of useful features with a look and feel that requires minimal user training. System options include: Solo, the entry- level, basic system; Express, a more advanced design capability with batch-printing abilities; Exchange, with advanced ID card personalization and Enterprise, for use by organizations operating over a network requiring multiple work stations.

Asure ID 7 Overview

  • Solo - Standalone with 200 Record Storage and Limited Features
  • Express - Standalone with enhanced features
  • Enterprise - Networkable with advanced features & data integration
  • Exchange- Networkable, full featured & advanced data integration

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