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ID Badge Management Software

eXpress Badging’s photo ID software products allow governments, hospitals, schools and businesses to conveniently design, print and issue ID badges in house. Whether you are looking for a low-cost, low quantity badging solution, or an integrated enterprise level ID badging technology, eXpress Badging has a photo ID software product to fit your needs.

We’re proud to carry 3 top selling brands of badge printer software: Jolly ID flow, HID/Fargo Assure ID 7 and IDenticard picture ID software. The Jolly and AssureID 7 picture ID software are available in standalone versions to design and create basic 1 sided employee badges all the way up to advanced networkable ID software capable of encoding RFID, biometrics and barcodes. Read our employee badge software 101 information below to familiarize yourself with the options available or contact our service team and we’ll help find the photo ID software that is best suits your needs. Looking for an experienced and professional team to design and print your custom ID cards? Fill out our info request form today!