Photo ID Cameras

Photo ID Camera

eXpress badging understands one of the main concerns when printing in house employee and ID badges is taking professional, high-quality images. Find the perfect photo ID camera and photo backdrop here to complete an in-house photo badging system. We carry integrated photo ID webcams that are compatible with badging software programs, allowing you to shoot, crop and adjust the image quality using the software’s controls. Find a USB webcam with a flash and pedestal or for an economical option consider a badging camera with no flash. Professional backdrops are used to take consistent badge pictures and reduce ID card photo glare. eXpress badging offers several badging camera backdrop solutions from nylon micro-suede that can be fastened to the wall or professional stands; available in 7 color options . Contact us with your photo ID camera questions and complete our pricing request form and eXpress badging will design and ship custom ID cards to you, fast!