Single Side and Duplex SMART Series IDP Card Printers

Since 2005 IDP has been manufacturing plastic card printers that embody the latest developments in the ID card printing technology. Whether you are a mid-sized organization who plants to print employee identification badges "in-house" or a customer service company who needs to print membership cards for its customer loyalty program, IDP card printers allow you to professionally print full-colored plastic cards equipped with all the additional features you may require.

IDP values convenience and simplicity as the top priorities in manufacturing their products, and IDP printers are easy to operate and integrate with your existing employee identification system.

Depending on your specific printing needs IDP offers a selection of configurations. The IDP SMART 30 card printer series is designed to bring the maximum value for on-demand and mid-volume printing. It allows to print monochrome of full-color plastic cards with outstanding 300 dpi resolution. The IDP SMART 50 card printer series allows to increase the speed of the production without sacrificing on the quality and resolution. Both IDP printer series include options for single-sided and double-sided printers.

Whether you need a reliable and cost-efficient solution to print employee ID cards, access control cards or loyalty and rewards cards, IDP offers a range of options that provide outstanding quality and high performance. Contact us now if you need assistance selecting the right IDP card printer or would like us to help you put together a custom IDP printing equipment and supplies bundle.