Fargo Printers for ID Card and Badge Printing and Encoding

Fargo ID Printers Fargo card printers represent some of the most popular printers on the market and our Fargo ID badge printers include something to fit the needs of any organization out there wishing to do in-house ID badge printing. Fargo ID card printers extend from the Fargo DTC Printer model 1000, their most economical, dual-sided printing machine to the DTC-4500 Fargo Card Printer, capable of fast, high-volume printing including lamination and a range of proximity encoding options. Additional, optional card encoding modules can be added at any time.

hid advantage partner seal The top of the line Fargo card printer offered here, the HDP5000, is a high-def reverse transfer printer that does dual-sided printing and lamination as well as well as contact and contactless Smart Card encoding. It offers the very best in print quality and photo reproduction.

Fargo ID card printers are the #1 choice for outstanding photo ID badge printing & performance. eXpress badging is an HID Advantage partner and an authorized Fargo printers dealer.

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