Complete ID Systems

Complete Pre-Configured Turn-Key Employee Photo ID Card Printing Systems

If you’re looking for a complete photo ID card printing system, eXpress badging has conveniently bundled several HID Fargo and Zebra complete photo ID systems packages. Coupled with Jolly ID Flow software, blank ID badges and a USB camera, you will have everything needed to roll out a professional photo ID badge management system. We not only include every component an ID card system requires, but the support and training services to ensure your project is smoothly implemented.

Whether you are a small outfit looking for an economical employee badge solution to run on a single computer with additional training or a large organization needing a fully-integrated PVC card printer system, eXpress badging has the experience and knowledge to match you with the right ID printing bundle. Our integrated networked systems meet the needs of enterprise level or multiple facility customers, where cards can be created from existing databases and then printed from a single location. Questions on finding the right photo ID system? Contact our friendly customer service team by phone or email!