Photo ID Badge Policies and Procedures: Directives

Photo ID Badge Policies and Procedures: Directives
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Photo ID Badge Policies and Procedures:

Issuance and Verification Directive


In today's workplace, it is common to see ID badges being electronically authenticated for use in door-access, time and attendance and campus point of sale. However, it is still important to keep visual security as the primary objective of a "photo" ID badge. Facility security is increased by having a clearly defined set of policies and procedures that state why badges are worn, how they should be used and how visual security is deployed and managed. Most importantly, a well-written set of policies and procedures can educate employees how to quickly observe and validate badges based on set security goals and how to handle an invalid badge or non-badged person engagement. How thorough and effective are your documented badging policy and procedures? 

The context of your organization’s  badging policies and procedures  reflect the level of security that you’re expecting by issuing and wearing photo ID badges. There are several areas that you may want to address individually as you develop and evolve your organization's policies and procedures: 

1. Badge Directives
2. Badge Deployment: Procurement and Configuration
3. Badge Design and Functionality
4. Badge Issuance Management
5. Badge Verification and Observation

This knowledge base article will focus on the "directive".

Badging Directives

Having a governing set of directives allows an organization to maintain a consistent photo ID badge initiative that spans the evolution and transition of management and technology. It all comes down to documenting “why" your organization is allocating resources and "how" you plan to increase security for your facility and human resources with the use of a worn photo ID badge. 

Badge Mission Statement:
  • Securing our organization’s human resources (employees and non-employees) while on and off-property to quickly determine access rights and personal identity with a visual glance of a worn photo ID badge. The photo ID badge is the property of the organization and everyone regardless of title, position or employment status will wear their issued badge at all times while on premise. No exceptions!”
Badge Security Directive:
  • “Our organization’s security initiative will include the deployment of a professional photo ID badge production solution, worn badges, effective processes, policies, and procedures ensuring a safe and secure environment for everyone that visits our property and for those that are off-property conducting business in association with our organization.”
Information Technology Security Directive:
  • "The photo ID badge production system/solution is to be classified as a critical and secured operational function. Documented process and procedures will govern all badging computer and peripheral hardware, software and data security required to manage badge issuance ensuring minimal downtime during system failure and upgrades."
Badge Orientation Directive:
  • “ Thorough badge orientation, written and verbal, will be provided to all that are badged communicating compliance guidelines, badge awareness, and observation responsibilities." 

  • "Badge awareness, observation, and reporting is a requirement for all employees. Orientation must include a review of badge awareness and observation best practices and specified procedures on how employees will properly manage an observed breach in badge compliance. The continued effectiveness of the photo ID badge program requires the participation of personal ownership and commitment of being an active badge observer. If anyone is observed without a badge, or not within badge compliance, it then becomes the observer’s responsibility to follow procedures of notification."

  • "Disciplinary actions must be implemented and enforced for individuals that are “not” badge compliant.  Anyone that does not follow the organization’s published badge policies and procedures will be written up for each confirmed occurrence. Continued non-compliance can be used in justification for termination of employment or the denial of facility access privileges for non-employees." 

  • "Professionally produced  badge compliant and awareness signage must be placed at common access points throughout the organization's premise."
    • Wear Your Badge At ALL Times 
    • Be A Good Badge Observer
    • Report EVERY Badge Usage Breach
Badging Program Success Metrics: 
  • "Badge compliance exercises must be conducted and results documented based on an approved schedule to confirm the success of the badging initiative for both employees that manage badge issuance and those that are wearing badges." 
    • "For those that oversee badge issuance, there is a requirement to assess badge issuance integrity and effectiveness. The success of the photo ID directive is weakened if we cannot ensure that only those that are authorized to be identified are done so correctly and securely. Issuance management must be assessed no less than quarterly. This will include an audit of badge supplies and computer system security, in addition to how the badge issuer manages an engagement by an unauthorized individual requesting a photo ID badge."
    • “We can all agree that badge awareness is not the most exciting thing to keep in one's mind, so let's make it fun and rewarding. Monthly, on randomly determined dates and times an anonymous person will be non-compliant regarding documented badge policies and procedures. There will be monthly rewards and awards for those that observe and report non-compliance based on instructed policy and procedures. Our little way of putting some fun into security. Look around now as you are needed as a badge observer."
Up and coming photo ID badge policies and procedures knowledge base articles will cover:
  • Deployment: Procurement and Configuration
  • Badge Design and Functionality
  • Issuance Management
  • Verification and Observation

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