Mobile Identification

Card-less Identity Management: Use Mobile Phones as Identification

Join the identity revolution and discover our new vID Secured™ virtual ID badge, a new technology in mobile identification that allows you to use a mobile phone as an identity card. Mobile identity management solution provided by eXpressbadging will change the way you'll look at photo identification forever. Using our unique cloud based badging tool from Veonics™, you can securely issue virtual ID badges right from your browser. Virtual ID badges are a great addition to a printed badge when combined with the power of a simple barcode and our handy vID Secured™ mobile app. Quickly scan the barcode, and you'll know if the badge is active, inactive, lost or stolen immediately. Also, if a person leaves their ID behind, their stored mobile vID will do the trick. That's because a vID Secured™ badge can be trusted.

You may find the virtual aspects of mobile identification alone are so compelling, you may not even need a printed card; if all its going to do is sit in a wallet. Now that's environmentally friendly and cost effective! Regardless, once you tap into the power of a virtual ID badge from eXpress badging, you'll unlock the future on how mobile identity management can make your organization more secure.



Find out how virtual ID mobile identification services can lower your identity management costs:

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