Membership Cards

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Plastic Cards with Barcode or Magnetic Stripe for Club Members

Membership cards are universal means of achieving mutually beneficial goals and building stronger relationships for organizations and their customers or members. They are used by social and community clubs, fitness clubs, golf courses, vacation clubs, warehouse and buyers' clubs, meet up groups and many other types of for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations. The use of membership identification cards can be multifaceted, but it is always highly advantageous for both the issuing organization and its members. Membership cards are essential for companies who are trying to build customer-centric systems and processes; being a part of a company's brand identity, they broadcast its values and culture; in service and operations management they allow to easily identify person's eligibility for VIP access and service level augmentation; they can also be a form of appreciation for members' participation giving a sense of belonging and recognition that in turn empowers a long-term commitment and retention.

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