Membership Cards(250 to 499)

Membership Cards(250 to 499)


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Buyers Club Membership Cards (Qty: 250 to 499)

We print 250 to 499 membership card batches that are an ideal package for businesses that utilize a “buyers club” participation business model. Buyers clubs allow their members to get volume discounts that usually become possible if the club has a relatively significant number of members who regularly engage in purchasing transactions. There are a range of features a membership card should possess to make its use more convenient to participants and economically efficient for the issuing retail company utilizing a buyers club business model. Just as no membership program is alike, membership card features required by each specific program vary as well. We offer a wide variety of add-on features that can be optionally added to your buyers club membership program to suit its needs related to member identity verification, collecting and securely storing personal information, keeping a record of earned reward points, discount eligibility, etc.

Membership Cards are custom printed and shipped within 2 business days of receiving a quality logo and data.

WE PRINT Membership Card Process:
  • You select your membership card design template 
  • You email your logo and backside text
  • You approve your membership card design proof
  • You enter your card data into your assigned card account
  • You notify us when they're ready to print
  • WE PRINT your name badges per Batch with 24 to 48 hours

Membership Card Specifications:
  • ID card stock: opaque white PVC material
  • Printed: Color Front and Black Back
  • Additional Options can be selected
  • Call for technology badge options 800-909-8602

Upon placing your order, you will be contacted by an Identification Specialist regarding your ID badge design and submission of your artwork and badge data. Please feel free to contact us at 800-909-8602.