Membership Cards(100 to 249)

Membership Cards(100 to 249)


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Membership Cards "Growing Network" (Qty: 100 to 249)

Our membership card printing service in quantities of 100 to 249 is ideal for organizations that are expanding their network of participants or at least have a solid membership program implementation plan. These can be professional associations and societies, churches and other businesses or nonprofit organizations focusing on long-term relationships with their customers. The advantages of membership card program implementation on a larger scale unfold in many different ways, varying from an increase in service use to a psychological sense of belonging and commitment to the brand. The larger the size of the membership program, the more functionality is usually required from ID cards certifying participation in the program. For example, if your membership cards provide access to a club’s facilities, the check-in process can be streamlined with a magnetic stripe or a QR code feature. You may also need to add a member’s personal photo in order to prevent unauthorized use of the card if it is lost or stolen.

Membership Cards are custom printed and shipped within 2 business days of receiving a quality logo and data.

WE PRINT Membership Card Process:
  • You select your membership card design template 
  • You email your logo and backside text
  • You approve your membership card design proof
  • You enter your card data into your assigned card account
  • You notify us when they're ready to print
  • WE PRINT your name badges per Batch with 24 to 48 hours

Membership Card Specifications:
  • ID card stock: opaque white PVC material
  • Printed: Color Front and Black Back
  • Additional Options can be selected
  • Call for technology badge options 800-909-8602

Upon placing your order, you will be contacted by an Identification Specialist regarding your ID badge design and submission of your artwork and badge data. Please feel free to contact us at 800-909-8602.