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Backside of an ID Badge Never Leave the Backside of an ID Badge Blank! When issuing a photo ID badge, name tag, membership card, or any card or badge for identity purposes, do not forget the importance of the real estate on
Badge Holder Basics: Wearing Your Badge in Style Selecting the best badge holder for your needs would seem like an easy task. However, if it’s not well thought out, your badging initiative may not be as efficient as it should be. Common problems in
Badging Service Photo Capturing Tips RETURN TO : How to Submit Badge Orders: PHOTOS Photo Capturing Tips for Secure and Great looking Badges Please select a low-resolution image setting when taking badge photos. The resulting image size
Badging Software Selection Tutorial Badging Software Selection Tutorial The decision to produce ID badges in-house requires specialized software so you can manage all aspects of badge issuance: badge design, data entry, data inte
Benefits of Worn Photo IDentification Benefits of Worn Photo IDentification You cannot go on to the campus of a Fortune 1000 Corporation, hospital, large federal or state government facility or any location with more than 1000 empl
Buying a New Badging Camera Buying a New Badging Camera History The primary goal of using badging software is to enter data, capture a photo and print a badge. The badging software should be enabled with features so the user ca
Data Planning and Work Flow Efficiency Data and Work Flow Planning Importance of Data Management. Why is data so important when just printing badges? For starters there's an old adage "data is king" and those who control their data are ki
Glossary of Identification Card and ID Badge Industry Terms Access Control Card - A technology-based ID card or badge that is presented to a reader to control access to and from a facility. Adhesive PVC Stock - Most adhesive stock is CR-79 in size, 3.303" by
ID Badge Printer Selection Tutorial ID Badge Printer Selection Tutorial   There are several badge printer output technologies to select from when choosing the best printer for your project. The most common is PVC dye-sublima
strong> Know How Your Security RFID Badge Works This article will help you understand the basics of how radio frequency identification technology works; specifically in reference to your employee or student photo ID badge. Let's begin by defining
Photo Capturing Tips Photo Capturing Tips for Secure and Great looking Badges It is best to use a dedicated camera for photo ID issuance. If it is being used for something else, chances are you will need to make a badge
Photo ID Badge Policies and Procedures: Deployment Photo ID Badge Policies and Procedures: Deployment: Procurement and System Configuration Badging Deployment Regardless if this is your first badging deployment initiative or if you're a seasoned vete
Photo ID Badge Policies and Procedures: Directives Photo ID Badge Policies and Procedures: Issuance and Verification Directive In today's workplace, it is common to see ID badges being electronically authenticated for use in door-access, time and
Prepaid and Batch Badging Processing Procedures The Process: PHOTO CAPTURE & SUBMIT As you are taking digital photos, write down in numeric order the person’s name (or unique number;employee, student membership...)  to make it easier to m
PVC Card Basics: Knowing your specifications and options When ordering unprinted or customized PVC card media, you have many options that can make your identification initiative more efficient and effective. General Specifications: Most standard PVC cards
Signatures for Identification Badges Signatures for Identification Having a signature on an identification credential dates back 50 years or more when photographic technology was not cost-effective, and a signature was used when f
Smart Card Rant Smart Card Rant:  For those who are not working with or in our Federal Government, you may be confused as to why there is a huge buzz over "smart cards" and why you are not seeing much of it bei
To Design MY Badge Vertically or Horizontally? What is the best badge orientation for your organization: horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait)? The format decision is up to you. Approximately 75% of the cards we produce are horizonta
Why DURAbadge Durable Photo ID Badges LAST LONGER: DURAbadges are made using card stock that is a composite of PVC and Polyester plastics. Once printed the badge is