Healthcare IDs from eXpress badging™

eXpress badging™ is here for your healthcare organization and its patients by custom printing your staff’s photo ID badges through We Print.

Alternately, we also offer complete services to help you design, submit, and print your healthcare IDs in-house with You Print so you can get the IDs your medical practice needs right then and there without waiting on shipping and delivery.

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Order Size and Healthcare IDs

In Healthcare, employee badges are equally important regardless of the medical practice’s size. Whether ordering medical ID badges for small family practices, medical facilities with multiple locations, or a bustling hospital; eXpress badging™ has you covered. We offer no minimum order size and bulk discounts for medical ID badges under our Physician’s Practice printing service. eXpress badging™ is here to help your healthcare center get the exact number of photo ID badges you need right on time.

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Medical IDs and Security

ID badges can offer an additional level of security to areas of your medical facility that require special clearance to access, keeping off-limit areas, medicine, and supply cabinets secure. eXpress badging™ helps provide peace of mind for medical employees and administrators through traditional printed badges or high-tech virtual IDs.

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Buddy Badges for Healthcare

In addition to healthcare IDs, eXpress badging™ also provides job-specific employee badging to be worn underneath an ID badge. We have many pre-designed badge buddies for the most popular titles and color codes available.

We can also fulfill any order that requires a rare title name, custom color-coding, and adding R.A.C.E., P.U.L.L., and other Joint Commission reference statements. Please contact us, and a member of our team will assist with your medical buddy badge order using quick-ship or custom-designed and printed buddy badges.

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