Press Badges and Passes

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Press ID Cards and Press Passes for Events and Media Companies

Press badges, also often called press passes or press ID cards, are a type of identification cards used to authenticate the identity of a journalist for a variety of purposes depending on issuing organization and specific time and place they are worn.

General purpose press ID cards are usually issued by the media companies themselves to help identify their employees inside and outside of the organization. These press identity cards don't necessarily grant any special privileges but serve as a mere means of journalist's authentication in his affairs with other individuals.

Press ID badges or press passes worn publicly on concerts, press conferences and other newsworthy events are usually issued by the hosting organization in order to allow access for journalists and reporters who provide a coverage of the event in the media.

Whether you are a media organization who needs to print professionally looking press ID cards for its employees or a company who needs to issue press badges for invited reporters, we will provide a full cycle of design and printing services and make sure that the job will be done with a due haste.

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