Magnetic Name Tags

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Print Custom Magnetic Name Tags and Badges

Magnetic name tags are personalized name tags usually worn on lapels of employees' suits or other work clothes that have a metal plate on the back surface to allow a magnetic bar applied from the other side of the cloth permanently hold the tag in place throughout a work shift. Magnetic name tags have a range of obvious benefits; they are easy to don and doff and don't damage clothing after multiple uses like it happens with pinnable name tags.

Magnetic name badges share the same purpose and design as name tags, but they usually have a bigger front plate for improved visibility of the employee’s name and role for organization's clients and visitors.

Our magnetic name tags are made on professional equipment using quality materials and supplies. The magnets we use provide a strong current that holds the tag all day long and doesn't let it slip aside of the clothing.

Order your custom magnetic name tags directly on our site or contact our representatives for assistance with large orders on quantities 500 and above.

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