Custom ID Cards

Custom ID Card Printing

eXpress badging has over 20 years of experience producing custom ID cards with your specs, design and technology. We are experts in custom card printing and with our help you will find a full line of today's technology options to choose from.

Whether you want to submit your art work, order pre-printed PVC card media or use our design serivces our professionals will help you streamline this process and will make sure that the final product matches your needs. In addition to the design you can also customize photo ID badges with your choice of card media stock, RFID, proxy, magnetic stripe and barcode options. There are two main groups of the reasons why you may want to consider custom ID card printing:

  • Custom Printed Card Media — The number one reason to order custom printed PVC card media is to print the badge back statement so only a single sided printer is required. For those that print hundreds of badges a month, pre-printed media offers great savings in time and consumables costs. For those that have strict branding requirements, you may want to consider having the front pre-printed. Dye-sublimation printers can not color match or print "exactly" the same on every badge. They will have slight imperfections from time to time, however, for most projects full color dye-sublimation printing is considered to be very high quality. Custom printing is also required if a signature strip or security seal image is needed. Tip: If you can not think of something valuable to print on the back of your badge, ask your CEO!
  • Custom ID Badge Security Features — If fraudulent badge reproduction is a concern, there are many security options to consider. The most economical method that we recommend is creating a unique embedded holographic foil image that is then printed in a repeat pattern format directly on the badge media and is very difficult to reproduce. These images can be ordered in small quantities (500 or more). If you need ultra-secure badge features please contact an eXpress badging specialist. We do never recommend using "stock" security images that are available on the market. This is a bad idea from those who do not know security! Tip: Treat your security imaged badge media as if they are thousand dollar bills. Lock them up and make sure you implement strict inventory policies and procedures. It is not a bad idea to order them with a sequential "unique" number. Now we're talking security!

Contact us for pricing and details at 1-800-909-8602 or submit a request form for immediate assistance with your custom ID card printing.