ID Badge Technology

ID Card Technology

A low-level security ID feature that is designed for simple data collection; job tracking, time and attendance, asset tracking, and membership identification. Place the barcode on your RFID, and/or incorporate with your mag stripe for single ID badge issuance. 
Once an ID badge has been approved and printed, the vID Secured™barcode can be scanned, then hyperlinks back to a virtual ID badge for real-time validation based on current status; using either a browser or VEONICS™ mobile app.
HID iClass and MIFARE Contactless RFID
The highest level of security & authentication that has read/write capabilities for; payment applications, computer, and door access. Store your biometric template on the card for the fastest and secure level of authentication!
Proximity RFID
Offering a high level of security with just a wave of the ID badge, RFID or otherwise known as “Proximity” is the number one preferred ID technology. Go ahead and incorporate your mag stripe and/or barcode for single ID badge issuance. 
During the  WE PRINT  process, eXpress badge can duplicate existing RFID numbers (Cloning) to replace active old badges, eliminating system enrollment for the new ID badge. Or, we can Read and Post the newly assigned RFID ID number back into the source data file, per record, so you now know who has what new number for import enrollment, or manually entry. 
The ideal choice for off-line payment applications like vending, print and copy POS.
A HiCo or high coercivity magnetic stripe offers a moderate level of security that has a low cost of issuance for; door access, time and attendance, and payment. Place the mag stripe on your RFID, and/or incorporate your barcode for single ID badge issuance.
Print consecutive numbers for quick reference of bar codes and encoded values.
Encoding Encoding of magnetic stripes and RFID badges can be done for you or by you depending on the scope of project.

ID Badge Technology Testing

In addition to the design and proof process, eXpress badging requires technology testing and sign-off for any cards used in a badge reader system. This ensures that the ID badges eXpress badging produces will work in all of your systems.  Sample test cards are provided based on customer provided specifications. Test cards must be enrolled in each system used; then transactions generated for each test card provided. We recommend printing a transaction report in each badge reader system to document successful ID badge enrollment and transaction generation (badge works in the reader). Does the badge open the door, record a time punch, record a tracking transaction, and then record the transaction in the system using the unique badge ID number and person assigned to it. For projects over 250 badges, eXpress badging requires that transaction reports be submitted with testing sign off.  Testing Guidelines Testing starts by defining all badge reader systems being used. Provide the manufacturer's name, the supporting integrator/dealer information and point of contact for each system used.
  1. Time and Attendance
  2. Access Control
  3. Tracking Systems
  4. Network Logical Access (Single Sign-on)
Once you know all the systems you need to document the specifications of each technology used.  RFID Proximity RFID Contactless Smart Card (HID iClass, aptiQ, MIFARE...) Magnetic Stripe Bar Code