ID Badge Shipping Options

ID Badge Shipping Options

Business Day Defined:

eXpress badging works off business days and defines the first business day or "Day 1" as any business day before 2:01 pm US Eastern Standard Time. If a badge request transaction is submitted after 2:00 pm EST, then the following business day is DAY 1. Example: photos and data are uploaded for printing at 3:00 pm EST on Friday, then DAY 1 is Monday, and your badge order will ship on either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on daily queued production volume. If you have a "must have by date," it is very important to communicate the date during the initial engagement stage. 

  • Proofs: Once all artwork files are received, Proofs are provided on Day 2 or Day 3
  • Test Cards: Once all cards specifications are received, Proofs are provided on Day 2 or Day 3
  • Printing/Shipping: Both Batch and Prepaid Badging orders typlically ship on DAY 2 and DAY 3

Batch Badging:

Batch Badging is designed for re-badge and initial ID badge issuance projects. It can also be used for those who do not require ID badges on a regular basis and desire a "pay as you go" model. 

It is important to first determine any "must have by" dates and the shipping methods required to meeting them. If your Batch Badging project requires drop shipments to multiple locations, make sure that your order includes our "Sort, Bundle, Pack and Ship" line item. You will have to provide all shipping addresses in advance. We will invoice shipping as stated in your confirming order.

  • Shipping is not included, see the shipping line item on your proposal, or cart, for terms and details
  • Most orders ship on DAY 2 or DAY 3 after proof approval and assuming all data and photos are also provided and ready

Prepaid Badging:

Prepaid Badging for ongoing and outsourced ID badge issuance. Buy photo ID badge credits and order whenever needed until your credits are used up. 

Choose our Prepaid Badging option if you want an "ongoing outsourced" photo identification service. Prepaid Badging is the perfect choice for those who do not want to purchase and manage an ID badging system! Prepaid Badging is eXpress badging's premier on-demand photo ID badge service where ID badges are printed, personalized and mailed on an as-needed basis. No specialized ID card software or printers required. 

  • Shipping included.
  • Most orders ship on Day 2 or Day 3 after proof approval.
  • You can order one badge or many.
  • USPS First Class Postage is our standard shipping method
  • USPS First Priority Mail with tracking is available with an upgrade
  • Prepaid Badging Day 4 Ship Guarantee!
    • Most orders ship on DAY 2.
    • If for any reason, your is shipped on DAY 5 or more, then we do not use your badge credits up to a value of $100 to keep us on our toes.
    • Scheduled holidays, national disasters, and states of emergency do not count as business days when applicable.


ID Fulfillment Issuance:

ID Fulfillment Issuance is designed using either of our Batch Badging or Prepaid Badging billing processes with one variation; we ship one ID card to one address for all records submitted. This program is designed for customers who need the photo ID badge mailed directly to the individual's address. Popular programs include membership ID cards, remote employee ID badges, online student badges, vendor badges, and many others. Programs start at 10 or more and will vary in price based on fulfillment options selected: 

  • Custom Printing ID Card Services
  • Slotting of ID badge if required
  • Technology encoding and testing if required
  • Quality Control Review of print quality and data/photo merge integrity
  • Affixed ID card to carrier/letter (custom or generic) and folded if required
  • Matched, stuffed and sealed in and addressed #10 envelope
  • USPS First Priority Mail
  • 3 Day Ship Guarantee! Most orders ship the next day received.
  • Web based account provided to submit orders and monitor production status
  • Acquire photos using the CELLfie feature within your cloud based-badging account
  • Data and photo integration services availabe to automate account record population


Quantity Discount Breaks:

All Batch Badging orders are invoiced based on the actual quantities shipped. Many items have quantity breaks for discounting. If your actual quantity shipped goes below the quantity break ordered, eXpress badging will charge the lesser extended price factoring in the previous quantity break price. For example, if you ordered 100 badges @ $3.00/ea and we shipped 92, we'll charge you for 100 badges; or $300.00; instead of 92 badges at the 50 quantity break price of $4.00/ea, which is a total of $398.