ID Badge Options

ID Card Options

Security Seal
For secure ID badge projects, integrate a holograph-like seal to enhance authenticity. For high security, consider using ultra-violet inks, micro print and guilloche security patterns.

Slot Punch
Eliminate plastic badge holders with this common ID badge feature. Ideal when used with strap clips, reels and lanyards.

DURAbadge  - Protect your ID badge from image fading, surface wear and stress cracks by specifying a 1 Mil over-laminate. Highly recommended for tech-based ID badges.  Combine composite PVC cards with lamination to produce our DURAbadge, a badge that is guaranteed to last for a minimum of two years. 

Maintain your organization’s image by utilizing your custom graphics.

Cardholder Data
Personalize your ID badge to meet your display needs; fonts, font size, colors, and location.

Composite PVC Cards
Upgrade your ID badge media to composite plastic for increased durability. A required feature for PVC lamination.

Incorporating a cardholder photograph on your ID badge adds a high level of security and authenticity.

Color Coding
With just a passing glance, quickly identify who belongs in a defined environment or group.  No not use photo backdrops!

Card Statement
Never issue an ID badge with an un-printed back! This is your message billboard to your issued population.

Print consecutive numbers for quick reference of bar codes and encoded values.

Foil Stamping
Make your membership, loyalty and payment cards pop with this shiny ID card option for custom printed cards.

Embossing & Tipping
For identification projects that require a manual card swipe device for data transfer to paper.
Combine composite PVC cards with lamination to produce our DURAbadge, a badge that is guaranteed to last for a minimum of two years. 

Landscape, or horizontally designed, ID badges work best for swiped tech-badges and when personalized using large fonts. Portrait, or vertically designed, ID badges works best for tech-badges that are inserted in readers. 

Sort, Bundle and Ship
Once your 
WE PRINT   badges are printed, they go through a quality control process, sorted in order you define, packaged and shipping per specified location. 

Other ID Badge Options and Services

Signatures add a moderate level of security for non-photo ID badges. If you incorporate a cardholder photograph, you do not need a signature.

Metallic & Colored PVC Cards
Make your nametags, membership and loyalty cards pop with metallic or colored ID card media.

UV (ultraviolet) Inhibitors
Reduce the speed of badge fading due to sun and heat exposure with this feature.
Graphic Quality PVC Cards
A must have specification for card stock used in PVC card printers.

Consider this issuance option that produces and ships your cards and/or badges without the need to do so in-house.