HR Assc Name Badge - Magnetic Fastener

HR Assc Name Badge - Magnetic Fastener


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Name Badge with Magnetic Fastener

Batch Badging - HR Name Badge

Professional Conference OR Membership Badging by eXpress badging

eXpress badging's conference and membership badging service is a professional HR name badge solution that uniquely and securely identifies conference attendees and associated members in addition to being a souvenir quality take-away.

The HR name badge is designed to the specifications of your leadership team and a sample proof is electronically provided for approval. We require that you place your badge order 20 business days prior to needing the badges in hand. The proof process can take 5-10 business days based on how fast your leadership team can approve the design.

Upon proof approval, we ask that you email the badge information to eXpress badging at no later than 5 business days prior to the conference. For large badge orders of 250+, we ask that your data is submitted to eXpress badging 10 business days prior to the conference or meeting for mass production. You can provide an overnight number and we can coordinate your shipment so it arrives on your need by date allowing us to print the maximum of number badges up to the day before.

For conferences that need same day registrants, we will supply a specified amount of printed badges without personalization. Late registrant and badge corrections can be issued via a labeling machine or simply via a Sharpie permanent marker and someone with neat handwriting.

All conference card holder data is electronically submitted by the conference team and imported directly into eXpress badging's credentialing system.Each attendee/member data record should have one field that defines the attendee type: attendee, vendor, speaker, show management, leadership team etc. The "type" will determine different credential formats, designs and/or color coding, to be defined by the conference or leadership team.


This product is for Approved Chapters only!
Contact Joe French or Cathy Ketterman for details
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