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Employee badge services that go beyond being just a printing engagement

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of having to issue hundreds or even thousands of employee ID badges across your entire organization within a short period of time and then having them enabled within all of your reader systems? Allow eXpress badging's team of experienced ID specialists to assist you in using our Enterprise Rebadging Solutions. Printing employee identification badges is what eXpress badging does best and have been doing so since 1993. You are assigned a project manager that will guide you through our processes that will result in a first-time issuance and deployment success.

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Full-Cycle Employee ID Badge Services

We offer employee ID badge services for enterprise rebadging projects as an outsourced service. Perfect when rebranding a company, or if your security/time and attendance system gets updated and you need new technology badges for all employees. eXpress badging has a proven process, see below, that results in first-time success. Using a project management approach, that results in first-time success. Rebadging, or initial mass ID issuance, is not to be approached without having the correct stakeholders in place to evaluate current badge issuance processes and badge technologies used in all reader systems enterprise-wide. This requires project planning from start to finish, the delegation of tasks for all stakeholders and all associated vendors, along with milestone tracking and reporting. Then, having the ability to execute the plan with precision so the correct badge designs are printed on the correct ID card stock, delivered to the correct location, and issued in an efficient manner. Adding to the project’s complexity is PII compliance (Personally Identifiable Information). Having to complete the overall rebadge while conforming to your organization's PII (data and photo) data compliance rules requires the knowledge of such new rules and regulations. eXpress badging has it all covered, as we are experts in PII security!

Below is an outline of our key steps used to guide both of our teams to a successful deployment.

enterprise rebadging

Employee Identification Data:

It’s as simple as providing an export file of your data. Our project manager will need to know the exported field names that are required to not only print the badges correctly but manage the printing as well. Certain fields may define printing of a badge design. An example is if a field called “Badge Type” equals “Employee” and the “Department “ field equals “Security,” then the red color bar is printed. If using existing photos, then the photo file name must be included in the export file (lastname_first_empid). Do not include the file extension (.jpg) in your export file. If a sort order is specified, fields like location code, branch name, manager name, etc. must be included in the export file. If only the last name initial is needed, provide the full name, and we will truncate after the first character during the printing process.

Most deployments require the enablement of employee technology badges within multiple reader systems for door access, time and attendance, point of sale, and tracking. These systems have separate databases where the unique card number must be enrolled to activate the badges. It is suggested to include the current tech badge number within your export. In the Card Technology section, you’ll learn more about our RFID Cloning service.

Once your data files are ready, eXpress badging will provide a secure transfer process using ShareFile as our default method.


Employee Photos:

We evaluate the benefits of using currently stored photos, mass capturing new photos or a combination of both. We have the professional services to assist your team in an enterprise-wide photo capture session so all photos meet your set standards. We can work with existing photos as is, or we can provide solutions to crop, clean up and get the best output out of not so perfect images.

Once your photo files are ready, eXpress badging will provide a secure transfer process using ShareFile as our default method. We also can provide our Cloud-based Badging solution if your project requires new photos to be captured and submitted via our unique email process.

Card Technology:

We'll assess the current card and reader technology along with an evaluation of any possible need for future technology during our card testing and approval process. We will provide test samples for testing in each solution used, and we will not produce the live badges until all testing is signed off. eXpress badging has a high competency in the various card technologies. We are an authorized resource for most branded RFID cards. eXpress badging produces a line of eXpressPROX™ cards and offer three unique encoding options:

  • "Cloning" of existing card numbers so newly issued cards are live and working with no need of enrollment.
  • "Read and Post" where we will capture the newly assigned RFID number, record it in the related record, and provide it back as in importable file for enrollment. We have a formal testing process to ensure that we do not print any badges until we know they work on all systems.
  • “Sequential” range encoded where each badge is sequentially encoded and randomly assigned therefore requiring manual enrollment.


Badge Design:

eXpress badging works with your badge design team to ensure we print the correct badge based on your design specifications and any corresponding logic relying on provided data. We will replicate the badge template to match your defined specifications during our proofing process. During proofing, we mail printed production samples for approval, along with an electronic proof sign off form.

If you are designing ID badges for your organization, you should be aware there are do's and don'ts that you should factor into your ID design. eXpress badging will do all of the design work for you with this understanding in mind using our proven process. We create badge templates from your source artwork and place badge data elements within the template. Then we merge print provide importable data and captured photos with the template during the print process.

Learn more about ID badge design.


Employee Badge Printing:

We have the tools to print large volumes of employee ID badges quickly, correctly, and quality inspected using industry standard PVC badge printers and laminators.

eXpress badging uses the same badge printer technology that you would use if you invested in printing badges in-house. The technology is called dye-sublimation and is very different from standard forms of printing. We also offer lamination to increase the life of the badge and eliminates the use of clear pouch badge holders. Also, we offer a badge slot-punch service for use with badge lanyards, retractable reels, and ID Badge strap clips.

eXpress badging offers a Production Print Preview or P3. We print your entire job to PDF, provide the file for review to ensure the data, photos, and designs are correct. Upon approval, we provide an electronic P3 proof for sign off.


Employee Badge Issuance:

We will need to understand your milestones and "must have completed by" dates, in addition to knowing the various location addresses to receive badge shipments and your preferred sort order. We have options to help distribute new badges, retrieve the old employee badges and account for the entire process.

We also need to understand your badge holder preference. If you are not sure, please visit our Badge Accessories section on our website.



Enabling your badges in all reader systems can be done instantly with cloned badge numbers, or via an import of new badge numbers in each system. Otherwise, you’ll need to manually enroll each badge in each system separately.


Employee ID Badge System Verification:

Testing and planning are well and good, but the day new badges start to roll out in the real world, celebrations do not start until all badges are confirmed to be working. eXpress badging has processes in place to deal with human errors that can pop up on either parties side that were unavoidable.