Durabadge Mag Stripe Badge - Economis

Durabadge Mag Stripe Badge - Economis


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Durabadge Mag Stripe Badge - Economis

Youth for Christ - DuraBadge Mag Stripe

This Economis Badge item is a negotiated program for a specific card design (as shown) and technology to meet the requirements of the Youth for Christ Economis program. We ask that you contact us at 800-909-8602 prior to placing your order so we can assist you with making sure you order what is needed for you badge project.


Durabadge Format*
Technology: Duplex dye sublimation printed
Print Colors: Four color front and black back (YMCKOK)
Media: PVC Composite badge stock 60%/40% PVC/Polyester format
Size: CR-80 or Credit Card Size ( 2.125" x 3.375")
Thickness: 32 Mils
Overlamination: 1 Mil lamination patch applied to both sides (mag Badge front only)
Magnetic Stripe:
HiCo Magnetic Stripe (encoded)


Badge Design

If you order the badge design "as is" and no changes what so ever, then select Reorder option

If you have minor changes, like word change on back or add a logo, the select Screen Shot Proof.

If you want you own custom design, then select the Electronic PDF Proof option.

ID Submittals:

  1. Upon Placement of you order please call 800-909-8602, and ask for sales to confirm your order
  2. Provide all data in a spread sheet format when submitting your ID badge requests.
  3. Photos should be saved as low resolution or approximately 100Kb or less in size. This speeds up the upload and download process.
  4. Name the photos so they either match a correlated number in your list (12345.jpg) or by name (Jane_Sample.jpg)
  5. To capture quality photos, it is recommended to get as close as possible to the person, displaying only the shoulders and head shot. A backdrop is recommended!
  6. No need to edit the photo, eXpress badging will crop the photo 1" x 1 1/4" upon import. We will also adjust the brightness if needed.
  7. Email your photos and data to idme@expressbadging.com
  8. We process your badge requests with in two business days or less