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Custom Badge Lanyards

Design and Order Your Personalized ID Badge Lanyards

Make your lanyards stand out, especially for showroom salesmen, and order custom lanyards for ID badges! Select from a wide variety of lanyard colors to match your company's logo or slogan. Design a custom badge lanyard that has your logo beside the full company name, and repeat this style across the entire lanyard length. You're sure to stand out with custom ID lanyards.

Make your company logo even larger by selecting a 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch-wide lanyard, rather than the standard 3/8-inch width. Monogrammed lanyards stand out more with bright text, such as yellow, against a dark background. Allow eXpress badging to print all of your personalized ID lanyards to make each employee feel as a part of the team. You can even hand out extra lanyards to top business associates to create indirect advertising that may pay big in the future.