Create your own ID Badge

Create Your Own ID Badge

It's Easy!

At your place of employment, large social gatherings, institutions of learning, and even large events such as concerts, sporting venues, and conferences all have something in common: photo ID badges and name tags! Maybe they don’t physically all have tangible badges, but photo ID badges and name tags are an important security tool in this day and age. Issuing a photo ID badge or name tag does not have to be a complicated task either. An inkjet printed photo ID badge or a simple white sticker with a sharpie will work. But if you want something more professional looking and secure, or that is souvenir quality, then eXpress badging has you covered! You can design & print your own custom, quality card or badge in-house - You Print! If you need help, ID Badging Specialists can guide you along the way - We Print!


Make Your Own Custom ID Badge, Easy as 1,2,3,4!

1Choose Your ID Card Stock Format & Identify How Many PVC Cards You'll Need

There are several PVC card stock formats; 100% PVC, Composite PVC (60%PVC and 40% Polyester*), adhesive PVC stock. If you have RFID and/or magnetic stripe readers, make sure you order the correct card stock type. If you’re unsure, Contact eXpress badging! If you want your ID Badge to last many years, you’ll want to laminate it, which requires composite PVC stock, over laminate supplies, and a printer with a lamination module. If your custom ID badge requirements are less than 100, consider our ID card printing services.

2Choose Your ID Badge Printer

Regardless if your ID badge printing needs are basic single side printing and low quantity needing only 100 or so badges that are printed on PVC card stock, or adhesive stock, to duplex printed and laminated photo ID cards that are powered with high-tech features like RFID, barcodes, and magnetic stripes that printed in the thousands, eXpress badging has a PVC ID card printers that will best meet your needs and budget.

3Choose Your ID Badge Software

You have several badging software options from self-install ID badge management to our Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud Based Badging allowing more control and security in photo ID badge issuance.

4Bundles and Getting Started Printing

We make things even simpler once you know what you need by selecting an ID System Bundle, and once received we offer support to get you printing badges within an hour or so.  Need a badge buddy or custom ID badge? If so, you can select addition ID badge accessories like magnetic name tags, badge buddies, and custom ID badges.


Top We Print Your Badge Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Badge Photo ID Accessories?

Yes, we carry a full line of badging accessories for any custom do-it-yourself badge printing project size! From thick shoe lace style breakaway lanyards, to antimicrobial lanyards. We have custom printed and branded lanyards, badge reel, or holder, we can even add your logo, designs slogan to make it pop!

What if we have RFID cards, and need to print barcodes, or encode a magnetic stripe?

No worries at all, most id card printers will print directly on your RFID card stock; however, a reverse transfer printer like a HID HDP-5600 printer is designed to print on RFID stock. Reminder, if you are using the thinker clamshell RFID cards, then you’ll need a printer that can print on adhesive cardstock. Printing  photo ID badge bar codes is very simple with the ID management software tools we provided and will last longer if laminated.  If you have a system that requires a magnetic stripe, we have in-line PVC printer encoders that will encoded and print all in one step.

Is there a minimum order quantity for photo IDs as a service?

No, eXpress badging will print and ship one ID badge or name tag within two business days as needed.

Can I order Blank ID Cards?

Yes, we offer blank ID cards in bulk.

Should I print my own ID badges or have eXpress Badging print them?

Should you print your own ID cards or having a company print them for you is the million dollar question! Cost effectiveness, turnaround time and your capability must be evaluated when asking yourself this question. Typically if you need a custom, high end, perfectly designed & printed badge, you should have eXpress Badging print them on your behalf. Companies that need badges instantly and frequently for security, visitors, vendors, employees, or a combination should consider having us guide them through an in-house ID badge printing solution! We also offer ID Badge technical support services anywhere in the US!

What are some benefits of printing my own custom badges?

Print badges on demand, instantly!
Security peace of mind that you are in control of the entire ID badge issuance process.
Printing photo ID badges breaks up your day, can be engaging and fun!

Can I print my own custom ID badge with photos?

Yes, using our software tools, you can customize, design, and print your own ID badges anytime! Create Your ID Card Now!

We can help with all of your RFID needs. eXpress badging solutions are available as You Print or We Print!
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