Company Terms and Conditions

eXpress Badging's Terms and Conditions


When used in these Terms and Conditions of Sale, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
  • "SELLER" or SELLER'S means Express Badging Services, Inc. d.b.a. eXpress badging™.
  • "CUSTOMER," "CUSTOMERS," or "CUSTOMER'S" means the person, firm, company or organization agreeing to purchase items from the SELLER.
  • "END-USER" means either CUSTOMER or CUSTOMER’S customer who uses the PRODUCT.
  • "PRODUCT" or "SERVICES" means the items sold by SELLER.
  • “CONTENT” means all intellectual property and other rights, title and interest in and to provided text and images used to produce PRODUCT by SELLER.

Standard Payment Terms are Prepaid
  • Prepaid, “Paid in Full” prior to shipment
    • Checks:
      • CUSTOMER will mail their check(s) to address stated on SELLER provided invoice or confirming sales orders.
    • Credit Card Payment:
      • CUSTOMER will provide credit card information at the time of placing a PRODUCT order before any order is processed.
      • SELLER will manage such credit card information in accordance to United States regulatory standards, also within SELLER's own PII and payment security standards.
      • SELLER will run the provided credit card upon shipment of PRODUCT.
      • Shopping Cart Credit Hold: Upon placement of all web orders, a hold in the amount of the total order is placed on the credit card provided, and then the amount is processed upon shipping. If the final amount due is more than the web order, a request for the amount if the increase provided for approval before shipping of your order is completed.
      • Upon CUSTOMER order approval for PRODUCT, any applicable CUSTOMER deposit payment is run by the SELLER immediately once processed.
    • SELLER will accept Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payment for initial PRODUCT orders over $500, or proceeding orders regardless of amount.
  • CUSTOMER provided credit card information will/may be run "in full" for the entire order amount, or the CUSTOMER will mail a check, or process EFT payment "in full", using the SELLER's provided order/invoice:
    • Prepaid Badging orders: payment must be processed before the order is started; unless extended terms are provided.
    • <Batch Badging and other Custom Printed Items are invoiced by the actual number shipped and the credit card is run "in full."
      • CUSTOMER prepayments will then be applied to the PRODUCT order upon invoice.
      • Any prepayment amounts remaining will be retained as a credit: to use on future orders. SELLER will not submit a check of overpayment.
      • Any PRODUCT amounts that exceed the prepayment amount will be invoiced with DUE UPON RECEIPT terms.
    • If quantity shipped is less than the forecast unit price break, the applicable unit price will be invoiced, unless the forecast extended price is lower.
  • Except where specified to the contrary in the proposal, PRODUCT prices are quoted before tax, FOB ORIGIN
  • Any costs of SELLER relating to packaging, transportation, insurance, and duties shall be charged to CUSTOMER unless otherwise stated differently within a contract.

Extended Terms (available upon approval)

  • An Extended Terms application must be filled out by the CUSTOMER and submitted to SELLER.
    • Application review process can take upwards of 20 business days before PRODUCT can be shipped to the CUSTOMER.
    • CUSTOMER'S account payable contact information must be provided: name, email and phone number, and the contact must be a finance department individual responsible for accounts payable.
  • CUSTOMER must submit a hard copy purchase order (PO) via email to their sales representative, faxed, or hard copy mailed before entering any “Extended Terms” order.
    • If a formal purchase order is not available; the proposal must be signed by an authorized representative of the CUSTOMER.
    • If an order or outstanding balance due is over $5,000 the signing person must be a corporate officer of the CUSTOMER.
  • PRODUCTS are invoiced upon shipped date, and SERVICES upon completion.
  • Partial PRODUCT shipments will be made and invoiced unless a provision of the purchase order, contract or CUSTOMER signed proposal indicates otherwise.
  • Available Terms
    • 50% Deposit will apply to first time customers and projects over $10,000.
    • “Due Upon Receipt”—Payment received within 5 calendar days.
    • “Net:10”—Payment received within 10 calendar days.
    • “Net:30”—Payment received within 30 calendar days.
      • Payments not received within the stated timeframe will be converted to “Prepaid” terms.
  • If the CUSTOMER requests payment on an invoice using a credit card payment and the invoice is older than 10 business days old (from the date on the invoice), a 4% service charge will be added.
  • Conditional Terms
    • Any systems project that is not functional due to SELLER’s or PRODUCT error, the CUSTOMER will be extended a 10 business day payment term beyond the resolution date.
    • Any required Statement of Work must be requested by the CUSTOMER at the time of project engagement, preferably requested in the purchase order, and may require additional charges if additional work and planning are needed to complete the SOW.
    • Any other conditional terms required by the CUSTOMER must be stated in writing and approved by SELLER.
      • Regarding onsite service; $200 cost applies for requirements of Certificate of Insurance; per year required.


  • SELLER will honor PRODUCT prices within the SELLER's proposal up to 60 calendar days from the date stated in the proposal. If a PRODUCT is no longer available within the 60 calendar days of the proposal-issuance-date, the SELLER can substitute it with an equivalent PRODUCT.
  • Sales tax will be charged for Florida taxable items.
    • Florida CUSTOMER that are tax-exempt, must submit a Sales Tax Exempt Form; otherwise, applicable sales tax will be charged.
  • Sales tax will be collected for out of state (FL) for items that are dropped shipped by distributors that meet Nexus requirements in the "ship to" state and will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Some custom printed PRODUCTS have stated over/underrun conditions within the PRODUCT line item in the proposal and sales order and will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Any miscellaneous taxes, tariffs and other as imposed by taxing authority shall be invoiced.
  • Proposals are issued by the SELLER, in writing, according to information furnished by CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER shall remain solely liable for any errors or omissions in such information after approval.


  • The SELLER uses UPS Standard Ground for larger PRODUCT shipments, and USPS Mail Priority First Class for smaller badging services as default shipping methods; unless otherwise requested by the customer.
  • Prepaid Terms’ CUSTOMERS:
    • Flat rate shipping costs are provided for payment with your order.
  • Extended Terms’ CUSTOMERS:
    • Shipping costs are “Prepaid and Added to Invoice”
      • This means the CUSTOMER is paying for shipping.
    • Shipping Terms: “FOB ORIGIN - PREPAID AND ADD”:
      • FOB Defined: Pursuant to 48 CFR 2.101 (Title 48, Federal Acquisition Regulations System; Chapter 1, Federal Acquisition Regulation; Subchapter A, General; Part 2, Definitions of Words and Terms; Subpart 2.1, Definitions), "f.o.b. origin" means “free on board at origin; i.e., the seller or consignor places the goods on the conveyance. Unless the contract provides otherwise, the buyer or consignee is responsible for the cost of shipping and risk of loss.”
      • Title and risk of loss of products and equipment shall pass to the customer once products and equipment are picked up for delivery from the SELLER.
      • CUSTOMER will pay for all shipping and handling.
      • CUSTOMER must request shipping insurance coverage and amounts, otherwise, no additional ship insurance is provided.
        • Any parcel or envelope that does not show up is the CUSTOMER'S loss, and SELLER will assist in recovery but WILL NOT re-ship the order at no cost. The SELLER will work with the CUSTOMER to duplicate, produce, and ship the same order a second time.

Shipping & Scheduling

  • SELLER ships Prepaid Badging badges, Batch Badging badges, and QuickCards within three to four business days after receipt of order and CUSTOMER proof approval. (see Prepaid Badging T&Cs below)
  • SELLER drop ships custom printed Press Cards (factory off-set printed stock) with 10 to 15 business days after CUSTOMER proof/testing approval.
  • SELLER drop ships Custom printed Badge Holders with 10 to 15 business days after CUSTOMER proof approval.
  • Custom Printed PRODUCT Design and Proofing
    • SELLER will submit formal proofs for CUSTOMER digital signature within two to three business days from receipt of order and associated artwork and graphics files; if applicable.
  • RFID card stock has various shipping schedules:
    • SELLER ships eXpressPROX stock within two to three business days after receipt of order.
    • SELLER drop ships HID, AptiQ, and other manufacturer's stock ranging from 5 to 20business days after receipt of order.
  • Stock badge holders, supplies, and accessories
    • SELLER drop ships within two to three business days after receipt of order
  • Software and Hardware
    • SELLER provides software downloads and licenses keys within one to three business days after receipt of order for non-custom items.
    • SELLER drop ships hardware within two to three business days after receipt of order for non-custom items.
      • CUSTOMERS must schedule SELLER provided installation & training two weeks or more out, otherwise, rush charges may be incurred.

Hardware Warranty

  • CUSTOMER's Hardware PRODUCT warranty begins on the date of shipment/invoice from the SELLER; if applicable.
  • All hardware comes with the stated manufacturer’s warranty.
  • CUSTOMERS pay all applicable shipping charges for PRODUCT warranty returned items.
  • The SELLER offers phone, remote into computer and email technical support to CUSTOMERS for one year from the invoice date on all items.
    • For ongoing support after one year, SELLER offers an Extended Warranty Program.
  • DOA: For a PRODUCT hardware item to be replaced it must be considered “dead upon arrival”. 
    • CUSTOMERS must notify SELLER or manufacturer within five business days of receipt date and have taken reasonable resolution efforts with SELLER and/or manufacturer to resolve the issue.
    • It is the manufacturer’s discretion to replace or repair.

Software Warranty

  • Software PRODUCT warranty begins on the date of invoice from the SELLER; if applicable. 
  • SELLER offers phone, remote into computer, and email technical support for one year.
  • SELLER offers an Extended Warranty Program on many PRODUCTS for ongoing support after the first year invoiced.
  • CUSTOMERS must document all license numbers, date of installation, warranty expiration dates, username, and password of admin user, and retain all invoices for proof of purchase.
  • Some software does not offer certain levels of support without purchasing manufacturer extended support plans.
    • Jolly Technologies software does not include in their standard warranty terms on product upgrades and they will not provide activation keys if their software is not deactivated correctly for re-installation immediately after the date of purchase.
      • Jolly Technologies software upgrade and support plans are available from SELLER and quoted on an as need basis.
    • SELLER will support all Jolly Technology PRODUCTS for the first year of purchase and offers extended support plans afterward.
    • Most software packages are licensed per computer they are installed on and may require additional support plans in order to move reinstall on an existing or new computer.
  • All software comes with the stated manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Software updates vary depending on manufacturer and may require a fee. Please check the manufacturer’s warranty details.

Remote into Computer Support

  • SELLER uses GoTo Assist by CITRIX to remotely access CUSTOMERS computers for the purpose of installing purchased software, hardware and to provide support services.
    • GoTo Assist is a secure remote in computer resource and requires the customer to approve access to the computer they launch a remote session on.
    • GoToAssist® encrypts session data end to end using industry-standard Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.
    • End-to-end authentication is accomplished using the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol. SRP is resilient against a wide variety of attacks, including both passive eavesdropping and active password cracking.
  • CUSTOMERS can disconnect the GoTo Assist session at any time and re-entry cannot be established by the SELLER without another session being acknowledged and approved by CUSTOMERS.
  • At the beginning of all support session calls, CUSTOMERS are instructed by SELLER to close all applications that have information that is not a part of the support call.
  • If at any time CUSTOMERS leave their computer unattended, they must inform SELLER that they are leaving. If unattended remote access is not allowed, it is up to CUSTOMERS to inform SELLER that the support session needs to be closed until they can return. 

Badging Service Proof and Testing

  • For custom printed PRODUCT like photo ID badges, ID cards, holders, and forms, the SELLER will start the proof process with the receipt of the following from CUSTOMERS:
    • Credit card number
    • Hard copy purchase order
    • Signed proposal or sales order (with approved extended payment terms)
  • ID badge design proofs are provided by SELLER for each design for approval.
    • CUSTOMERS provided badge designs are used as the guide for proofing and are what SELLER uses to produce the final ID badge template.
      • The proof process is NOT a design concept stage allowing CUSTOMERS multiple changes/proofs to determine how the final badge should.
      • If CUSTOMERS are not certain how the ID badge should look, then work with the SELLER sales representative in providing a pre-proof mockup as a starting point.
    • After two proof revisions, CUSTOMERS will be charged for additional edits per stated charges within an approved proposal or sales order: otherwise $45 per design.
    • Proof fees are charged to CUSTOMERS for new badge designs, and previously approved designs that require edits.
    • Regarding font sizes, SELLER uses an auto reduce feature that will reduce the font size automatically if too long.
      • SELLER is not responsible for fonts that end up very small due to very long names.
      • If this is a concern, we suggest CUSTOMERS request a Production Print Proof (see below) prior to printing your batch.
      • If CUSTOMERS request auto-reduce to be disabled, names will be truncated if they exceed the maximum length of the defined data field (name, dept, title...). Reprints will be at CUSTOMERS expense.
    • Printed ID badge proof samples can be sent to CUSTOMERS upon request.
    • Once the proof is approved by an authorized CUSTOMER representative, SELLER requires a RightSignature digitally signed, or printed/signed/scanned version that is emailed to SELLER.
      • SELLER will accept an email approval from CUSTOMERS as long as each proof file name approved is spelled out correctly with a statement of approval by an authorized CUSTOMER representative.
      • CUSTOMERS signed or approved proof establishes the full responsibility of the signer or person authorizing approval for such approval.
        • Any non-error reprints will be at the cost of the CUSTOMER.
    • SELLER Proof Form Stated Terms:
      • Here is the proof for your order, please review carefully. Text and design elements may have been edited and/or re-typed to improve print quality and design layout. Please proofread all text very carefully for any typographical errors. We will not be responsible for typographical or design errors after approval of this form. We suggest having more than one person proofread for best results.

      • NOTE: The data and photos used in this proof are for design layout only, provided live data/photos will be used in the final print job.

      • Slight imperfections due to the dye-sublimation printing process are acceptable. Dye-sublimation PVC card printing and lamination cannot produce blemish-free print and lamination 100% of the time. A degree of imperfection is allowed regarding quality control imperfections that do not affect the appearance from a distance. Examples include fine debris and lint particles trapped under the print film and laminate that are not over the photo, text or logos. The white shade of the PVC card stock can vary over time and by technology types.

      • Please note: color shown on the computer or printed from your printer may not be an accurate representation of the final printed color. The color of the final product may vary from CMYK specifications or PMS numbers provided because of the heat that may be used to produce the final ID card/badge and variations in industry standards using PVC dye-sublimation printing processes. A plus/minus graphic/text movement tolerance of .063” is allowed during printing/production.

  • Test samples are provided to CUSTOMERS to determine functionality (do they work) in the systems that currently use the ID badge (door access, time clocks, tracking...)
    • Test forms must be completed/filled out by CUSTOMERS, to include testing procedures used per system that uses the ID badge. SELLER requires a RightSignature digitally signed by an authorized CUSTOMER representative, or printed/signed/scanned version that is emailed to SELLER. Faxed versions are acceptable as well, and please email notification of fax afterward.
      • The signed or approved proof establishes the full responsibility of the signer or person authorizing approval for CUSTOMERS approval.
        • Any non-error reprints (badges with the same spec that was tested, approved and produced) will be at the cost of the CUSTOMER.
    • Only those systems tested and signed off by CUSTOMERS are guaranteed to work with all SELLER provided ID badges.
      • Before CUSTOMERS procure any new system that uses an existing SELLER provided badge, SELLER suggests using proper testing procedures before purchasing any new system.
  • Production Proofs are provided to CUSTOMERS upon request once SELLER has proof and testing (if applicable) sign-off for all designs.
    • SELLER prints all badges to a single PDF file for CUSTOMERS approval of data submitted and related photos.
    • The CUSTOMERS signed or approved proof establishes the full responsibility of the signer or person authorizing approval for such approval.
      • In the event of any of the following specific at-fault issues, reprinting will be at the cost of the CUSTOMER.
      • CUSTOMER at-fault issues:
        • CUSTOMER approves a proof that contains error(s);
        • CUSTOMER provided the wrong ID numbers for eXpress badging to clone from;
        • CUSTOMER provided the wrong photo assigned to an ID number;
        • CUSTOMER approves non-approved Portal records (data and/or photos) for printing;
        • CUSTOMER provides an incorrect badge type (different locations have different systems and therefore different badge types); or
        • CUSTOMER makes a design change after the approval of a proof.

Prepaid Badging and Batch Badging

  • SELLER will only accept CUSTOMERS badge requests/orders from known points of contact.
    • SELLER only provides badges for CUSTOMERS that can be verified by the following:
      • Business or Organization Name
      • Phone Number
      • Mail to address
      • Email Address
      • Website preferred
        • No personal ID badges or ID cards will be processed.
    • Changes in CUSTOMERS personnel requesting ID badges need to be requested by existing and known CUSTOMERS point of contacts to prevent delays in order processing.
      • Otherwise, any new CUSTOMERS point of contact will have to be confirmed through formal means.
        • SELLER will call the CUSTOMERS and speak with management to confirm.
  • Prepaid Badging Ship Guarantee:
    • Prepaid Badging requests are placed in the mail within four business days after badge request; after proof and testing (if applicable) approval.
    • Day one starts before 2:01p EST. If received after 2:00p EST, the order is consider being received on the following business day from SELLER email receipt.
      • Example: The CUSTOMER uploads or emails photos and data for printing and received by eXpress badging at 3:00 pm EST on Friday, then DAY 1 is Monday. The badge order will ship on either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on daily queued production volume. A Thursday ship will be DAY 4 and still under acceptable terms. Any badge order shipped after Day 4 are no cost up to a value of $100.00.
    • Prepaid Badging badge credits are not deducted from CUSTOMERS backorder amount if the timeline is exceeded, not to exceed $100 in value per incident.
    • Void during observed holidays, natural disasters, or declared "State of Emergency":
      • New Year’s Day
      • Memorial Day
      • Independence Day
      • Thanksgiving and Day After
      • Christmas Day (when weekend day), one Business Day Before and Business Day After the weekend.
  • Batch Badging orders do not have a shipping timeline guarantee. 
    • Most Batch Badging orders will ship within three business days; after proof and testingapproval (if applicable).
    • Exceptions include any stated "must have by" dates on provided sales orders, scope of work, accepted purchase orders or formal contracts.
  • Defective cards and/or cards with data errors determined to be at-fault of SELLER will be replaced at no charge when reported upon receipt.
    • In the case where errors are at-fault of CUSTOMERS, replacements can be issued at CUSTOMERS expense.
  • Slight imperfections due to the dye-sublimation printing process are deemed acceptable by SELLER and will be sent. This is a common sense quality control process based on the fact that dye-sublimation PVC card printing and lamination is not a perfect technology, and a degree of imperfection will be tolerated by SELLER. Common SELLER acceptable and not acceptable reasons are stated below, and not limited exclusively to:
    • SELLER Acceptable
      • Small printing imperfections, embedded debris within printed areas that are not obvious from a distance;
      • Trapped debris, small air bubbles between lamination (if applicable) that are not obvious from a distance;
      • Slight color variations due to a change in printing technology that are required to manage badge printing over extended years that are not obvious from a distance;
      • Printed names that extend to the very edge of the card, but not truncated;
    • SELLER Not Acceptable (cause for re-print)
      • Printing imperfections, embedded particle, debris, or lint within printed areas that are obvious from a distance;
      • Lamination debris or air bubbles between lamination (if applicable) that are obvious from a distance;
      • Color variations due to a change in printing technology that are required to manage badge printing over extended years that are obvious from a distance;
      • Printed names that extend beyond the edge of the card, or truncated.
        • Any truncation caused by exceeding max field length when auto reduces font size is requested to be disabled/turned off is deemed Acceptable by SELLER.
  • Using SELLER "Standard" format badge (non-laminated), image fading caused by extended sun exposure will occur within short periods of time (can be weeks or months) and are not warrantied from fading. Barcodes will wear off much quicker (can be weeks or months) using the "Standard" format badge and are not warrantied. SELLER's DURAbadge formatted badges that have a 1MIL over-laminate will last much longer (can be several years or longer) and are warranted for two years. See the DURAbadge warranty below.
  • SELLER has published procedures for CUSTOMERS submitted badge print requests.
    • CUSTOMERS requests that do not follow SELLER stated procedures are subject to rejection. 
    • SELLER rejected orders may affect any confirmed "must have by" date, potentially causing delays. 
    • Common rejection causes include:
      • For Veonics Portal customers:
        • Photos and/or Data not approved in the Veonics Portal
        • Veonics Portal approved records missing photos
      • For legacy non-Veonics Portal CUSTOMERS
        • Not sending a request to provided SELLER email
        • Not using SELLER's provided and approved spreadsheet for submitting data.
        • Adding new columns to an approved spreadsheet; thus the new column data is not on approved badge design/s and cannot be printed without a design change.
        • Missing photos, or photos that can not be matched to data.
  • SELLER cannot guarantee color matching throughout the duration of an order, due to periodic equipment upgrades and maintenance. All efforts will be taken to ensure color matching is as close as possible.
  • SELLER cannot guarantee that the plastic color tint of cardstock will be consistent from one print job to the next, This is due to the fact cardstock material is procured from various manufacturers over time. As well as, the same item code from the same manufacturer will vary in tint as they also manage tinting issues within their raw goods. This is an industry standard, so the actual white tint of card stock is beyond SELLER's quality control. This specifically addresses the white opacity issue one will find when placing ID cards next to each other that are produced over a period of time, and the card stock can vary from bright white to an off-white tint.
  • Custom Printed and RFID Technology Stock for Batch Badging
    • Due to proofing, testing and quality control issues, it is considered industry standard to use up to 5% more card stock (SELLER Use Overage) than finally printed/fulfilled. The SELLER Use Overage of card stock is covered under the unit price of the printed/fulfilled badge item. 
      • The SELLER Use Overage will be stated on final invoice and only remaining unused stock will be invoiced per stated price on the confirming order.
      • If the SELLER Use Overage exceeds 5% due to at-fault of CUSTOMERS, the overage that exceeds 5% will be invoiced.
        • At-fault issues include; incorrect data was provided, missing photos or wrong photo assigned, badge design changes after proof approval.
    • SELLER requires a minimum of 10% overage of custom printed or RFID specialty stock prior to the start of the ID badge print job; we call SELLER Use Overage.
      • For CUSTOMERS that have a critical must have by date, we suggest increasing the SELLER Use Overage to 20%.
      • Custom printing applies to any specialty cardstock (embedded security seals, pre-printed card badges, high graphic logo printing...) that requires pre-printing and pre-ordering prior the ID badge personalization process.
      • RFID specialty stock will be for non-standard proximity or contactless cards that must be pre-ordered from specified card manufacturer with customer-specific programming.
    • Any remaining overage of stock will be invoiced separately at a stated rate on confirming sales orders, or not to exceed the cost of stated fulfilled badge rate.
      • The only exception applies to CUSTOMER provided card stock, in which any remaining stock is returned.
        • If SELLER has an at-fault print-error rate more than 5% printed/fulfilled using CUSTOMER provided stock, we will credit the order the cost of the stock used. 
        • CUSTOMERS provided cardstock used for technology testing and design proofing does not apply to the at-fault error rate of 5%.
          • CUSTOMERS will need to provide SELLER with an actual invoice stating the card stock item code, and unit or box price. 
          • SELLER has the option of providing replacement stock if available.

Privacy Statement (PII)

  • PII DEFINED BY NIST in 2010: PII is ―any personally identifiable information about an individual maintained by an agency (or company), including (1) any information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual‘s identity, such as name, social security number, date and place of birth, mother‘s maiden name, or biometric records; and (2) any other information that is linked or linkable to an individual, such as medical, educational, financial, and employment information. Examples of PII include, but are not limited to:
    • Names, such as full name, maiden name, mother‘s maiden name, or alias
    • Personal identification numbers, such as social security number (SSN), passport number, driver‘s license number, taxpayer identification number, or financial account or credit card number
    • Address information, such as street address or email address
    • Personal characteristics, including photographic-image (especially of the face, or other identifying characteristics), fingerprints, handwriting, or other biometric data (e.g., retina scan, voice signature, facial geometry) 
    • Information about an individual that is linked or linkable to one of the above (e.g., date of birth, place of birth, race, religion, weight, activities, geographical indicators, employment information, medical information, education information, financial information).
  • SELLER ensures that all CUSTOMERS provided PII is stored securely and is only accessible by authorized personnel.
  • PII compliance will vary by CUSTOMERS and project, and SELLER uses industry standard practices to ensure all CUSTOMERS data and images are managed securely.
  • SELLER recommends only using PII that have low confidentiality impact levels for displayed use on a photo ID credential.
  • Cardholder photos and data may periodically be deleted. It is not the responsibility of SELLER to retain this information regarding ongoing re-issuance.
  • Data, photo, and badge design Security Policy.
    • SELLER uses a secured process to exchange CUSTOMERS data and photos (information). SELLER uses several identity management models regarding storage of CUSTOMERS information:
      • SELLER may store CUSTOMERS local files (databases and images), as well as use identification management system application tools that are stored on our servers which are protected by state of the art cyber protection and firewalls. SELLER provides access to CUSTOMERS badge information by authorized SELLER personnel only.
      • SELLER's Veonics Portal, a cloud-based resource, utilizes "HTTPS" protocols and only allows access for authorized CUSTOMERS and SELLER users with assigned user rights, valid username, and password. All Veonics Portal users are required to approve the Veonics Portal's™ ULA (user license agreement) per Veonics Portal terms: Click here to review
    • SELLER will never make public, nor sell, any CUSTOMERS data, photos, or badge designs.
    • Regarding CUSTOMERS information that is deemed to be PII sensitive, please read the below T & C.
    • SELLER is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged CUSTOMERS ID cards or badges.
  • All CUSTOMERS PII data files must be encrypted prior to submission or non-encrypted files uploaded to our ShareFile or Veonics Portal site.
    • SELLER will not retain any high-risk personally identifiable information (PII) after a print job.
    • Upon CUSTOMERS written request, SELLER will promptly destroy/delete all CUSTOMERS PII and will certify in writing that it has destroyed all copies of such materials within ten (10) days of acceptance of badges that contain same.
    • If a CUSTOMERS badge print job does not require any high-risk PII data, and high-risk PII data is supplied by CUSTOMERS with other badge-relevant data, SELLER will delete all high-risk PII data prior to import or when saved to local computer hard-drive.

DURABadge Warranty (WE PRINT)

  • SELLER's "Standard" PVC badge does NOT have a durability warranty.
  • Using SELLER's "Standard" format badge (non-laminated), image fading caused by extended sun exposure will occur within short periods of time (can be weeks or months) and are not warrantied from fading. Barcodes will wear off much quicker (can be weeks or months) using the "Standard" format badge and are not warrantied. SELLER's DURAbadge formatted badges that have a 1MIL over-laminate will last much longer (can be several years or longer) and are warranted for two years 
  • A limited two-year durability warranty will be provided by SELLER for DURAbadge ID badges using composite PVC media and over-laminate from the date we process your order.
  • The DURAbadge™ warranty pertains specifically to badge cracks, slot punch area breaking, or the images on any laminated side from abrasion wear and tear determined to be a result of normal use of the card.
  • SELLER Warranty Procedure:
    • The badge must have been produced by SELLER within the last 24 months and meets the above-stated terms.
    • Take the photo of both the front and back of the badge and email to SELLER's production department.
      • CUSTOMERS cannot destroy the badge until SELLER replies with warranty approval acknowledgment and may request that the defective badges be returned at SELLER's expense.
      • If CUSTOMERS badge technology stops working, SELLER may provide a self-addressed/stamped return envelope for return and evaluation, or ask that the defective cards be destroyed.

Returns and Refunds

  • Any remaining or unused Prepaid Badging credit/backlog is non-refundable.
    • Prepaid Badging badge credits never expire for active CUSTOMER accounts.
    • Inactive CUSTOMERS are notified after one year of no badge requests.
      • If there is no response from the customer, the backorder will be canceled within 30 days of previous notification.
  • There will be a 15% restocking charge to CUSTOMERS for non-custom items, in addition to all incurred shipping charges, and customer covers return shipping cost.
  • CUSTOMERS must notify SELLER in writing with the reason for returning within 20 business days of ship date and must be provided a Return Authorization Number. Otherwise, payment is due in full per stated terms or no refunds will be credited.
  • CUSTOMERS items purchased from SELLER cannot be returned, and payment is due in full, or not credited, if: used, damaged or have exceeded 20 business days from ship date.
  • Certain SELLER items cannot be returned for credit such as custom printed PVC or Teslin card media, RFID cards, custom printed lanyards, and holders, or any other custom ordered or printed product; unless incorrectly produced and found not to be at fault of CUSTOMERS.
  • SELLER Hardware must be unused, in factory boxes, all shipping preparation packing must be in place, and must include all miscellaneous provided components. It must be new when returned!
  • SELLER Software cannot be returned or credited after installation if the product seal is broken (if applicable), registration of license key has taken place, or it has exceeded 20 business days from ship date.

Changes and Cancellations - Custom Printed

  • All changes requested by CUSTOMERS are subject to written approval by SELLER and to reasonable changes in delivery or price as SELLER determines is necessitated thereby and the parties agree in writing.
  • If work is in progress, CUSTOMERS are charged for all Goods made/performed as well as all non-refundable additional costs resulting from such changes.
  • Cancellation Policy on Custom Card Products:
    • Between one and four weeks, a charge of half the purchase price will be invoiced/due by CUSTOMERS.
    • Full price will be invoiced/due by CUSTOMERS for any cancellation within one week of a confirmed ship date.

General Terms

  • Trademarks, Logos and License Disclaimer:
    • Custom printed PRODUCT Design Ownership and Use of Intellectual Property of the END-USER.
      • All CONTENT, such as text and images provided by CUSTOMER shall be owned by the END-USER. CUSTOMER shall be solely responsible for such CONTENT, and SELLER will not acquire, any right, title or interest in or to the CONTENT with exception to, and under the terms of SELLER, the END-USER grants SELLER a royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable right and license to use the CONTENT to provide the SERVICES herein, process orders, and/or produce and ship PRODUCT, if required
    • END-USER Acceptance Requirement Policy:
      • The END-USER warrants that the CONTENT used in the END-USER approved PRODUCT proof process does not infringe the rights of any third-party including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and rights of privacy and publicity. END-USER releases and agrees to indemnify and hold SELLER and its owners, shareholders, directors, officers, managers, employees, representatives, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, business partners and assigns harmless from and against any and all damages, losses, costs or expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees and costs at trial and on appeal) incurred in connection with any third-party suit, claim, demand or action brought relating to the CONTENT provided in the END-USER approved PRODUCT Proof. All intellectual property and other rights, title and interest in and to any CONTENT, such as text and images provided by END-USER, shall be owned by END-USER. END-USER shall be solely responsible for such CONTENT, and neither SELLER or its authorized resellers will acquire, any right, title or interest in or to the CONTENT except END-USER grants SELLER and its authorized resellers a royalty-free, worldwide, transferable, sub-licensable right and license to use the CONTENT to provide the SERVICES herein, process orders, and/or produce and ship PRODUCT, if required.
  • Remedies
    • This Terms and Condition document states all remedies for warranty claims. To the extent permitted by law, SELLER disclaims all other warranties.
  • Disputes
    • If CUSTOMERS are dissatisfied with any products or services purchased under these terms and disagree with SELLER’s proposed resolution, both CUSTOMER and SELLER agree to promptly escalate the issue to the appropriate executive in each organization for an amicable resolution without prejudice to the right for either party to later seek a legal remedy.
  • Intellectual Property Rights
    • No transfer of ownership to CUSTOMERS of any SELLER, or SELLER represented PRODUCT's intellectual property will occur under this Agreement. CUSTOMERS grant SELLER a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right and license to any intellectual property that is necessary for SELLER and its designees to perform the ordered PRODUCT and services. If deliverables are created by SELLER specifically for CUSTOMERS and identified as such in Supporting Material, SELLER hereby grants CUSTOMERS a worldwide, non-exclusive, fully paid, royalty-free license to reproduce and use copies of the deliverables internally.
  • Limitation of Liability
    • SELLERs liability to CUSTOMERS under this Agreement is limited to the lesser of $100,000 or the amount payable by CUSTOMERS for the relevant Order. Neither CUSTOMERS nor SELLER will be liable for lost revenues or profits, downtime costs, loss or damage to data or indirect, special or consequential costs or damages. This provision does not limit either party’s liability for unauthorized use of intellectual property, death or bodily injury caused by their negligence; acts of fraud; wilful repudiation of the Agreement; nor any liability which may not be excluded or limited by applicable law.
  • Force Majeure
    • Neither party will be liable for performance delays nor for non-performance due to causes beyond its reasonable control, except for payment obligations.
  • General
    • This Agreement represents our entire understanding with respect to its subject matter and supersedes any previous communication or agreements that may exist. Modifications to the Agreement will be made only through a written amendment signed by both parties. The Agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of Florida.

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