Cloud Based Badging Single-sided Bundle

Cloud Based Badging Single-sided Bundle


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Cloud-Based Badging IDP Smart 51S Singled-sided Photo ID System

Never install ID badge software again, or manage the IT issues, licensing and upgrade that follow. Our Veonics Portal™ is a cloud-based badging tool that is making ID management a browser driven resource. This system bundle is ideal for a small to mid-level organization or having many smaller locations throughout your enterprise, that needs an all-in-one way to produce and manage photo ID badges on-site. Includes remote setup and training services to fast track your project. With the combination of your Veonics Portal™ cloud-based badging account, our Veonics Print Queue Manager™ tool (vPQM™), and a duplex IDP Series 51S printer, you will have basic system functionality to enter information, capture a photo and print a custom designed photo ID badge. Perfect for laptops and mobile devices.

Once purchased, you'll be on your way delivering identity security where you need it the most. Contact eXpress badging today if you'd like further assistance.

Key Features:
  • IDP Series 50S Single-sided ID badge printer. 
  • 1 Active Print Location account.($825.00 annually per location afterward)
  • Easily print ID badges to your desktop badge printer.
  • Veonics CELLfie™ photo email request tool.
  • Webcam: Credential Camera.
  • USB extension cable to extend your camera.
  • Light blue photo backdrop
  • 500 composite PVC cards: High quality and durable CR-80 cards.
  • Enough IDP ribbon to print 500 cards color front and black back
  • IDP printer cleaning kit.
  • 100 breakaway lanyard with a wide plastic hook.
  • 1 staple style slot punch.
  • eXpress badging will assist in setup and provides ongoing training and support.
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Additional Upgrades:
  • Select from many of our badge holders and accessories
  • Add the power of proximity card RFID to your ID badge system.
  • Call for additional options or configurations 800-909-8602