Visitor management has come a long way since the standardized, old school use of pen and paper and hard-copy logbook sign-in. There's no question that the electronic tracking of visitors' entry to and usage of facilities and certain areas within those facilities is becoming more prevalent, and rightly so. Current-day visitor management efforts have become a natural adjunct to other building security and access control systems, providing both real-time and recorded data regarding who's in your building, where they're going and what they're doing. In many cases, good visitor management is able to take over functions previously performed by these other systems.

At eXpress badging, we enable you to easily gain control and manage your visitors from the moment they enter your facility, thereby providing a safer, more secure environment. The reception process is streamlined with the use of simple software programs that capture pertinent data from each visitor, records that information and then issues easily recognizable ID badges that can include photos or be of a temporary, self-expiring type.

Issue, Track, Report

Collecting data for use in the analysis of visitor traffic and the creation of visitor reports is just one of the benefits provided by the Jolly lobby track Premier offered here. Visitor registration can be completed three different ways:

  • On-site
  • Online through the company's intranet, which allows employees to pre-register visitors
  • An externally located, dedicated registration kiosk. This is especially convenient when large groups of people are being registered at one time

Some convenient features built into the software program that comes with Jolly lobby track Premier allows for instantly scanning a visitor's driver's license or passport to obtain pertinent information and then automatically filling in the registration form. The system is able to capture both photographs and biometric data and to look up the information and crosscheck against existing online and local watch lists to enable you to prevent access to your facility from unwanted visitors. The Jolly system comes complete with the software module to create temporary or permanent badges on the spot and is backed up with 30 days of free manufacturer's factory support and one year of basic level support from us at eXpress badging at no extra charge!

For an even more advanced and comprehensive visitor management system, STOPware PassagePoint has been touted as the most scalable system available, capable of providing visitor management solutions to even the largest organizations and government agencies with multiple or remote locations that can all be maintained by a central application server.

Why Buy a Visitor Management System?

The amount of data that can be gathered by a modern-day visitor management system is considerable and, in a time when the activities of terrorists, heightened school violence and protection issues with children are all in the forefront these types of systems have become critical to ensure safety and security in work, study and recreational environments. These systems are quick to install, simple to use and well worth the small price they cost for the amount of protection they provide.