It's no secret that security has become an ever-increasingly important factor in business today. One critical aspect of this is in the area of effective identity solutions. This is a wide field and includes such things as:

  • Photo identification cards for employees
  • Identification cards for visitors
  • Door access security
  • Employee attendance and time worked accountability
  • Point of sale statistics for facilities such as college campuses or hospitals
  • Computer network access security

While ID badging has long been employed for control and security in large organizations, the value for this type of system is no less important for smaller, more modest business operations. Consider doorway security as an example.

Having employee identification cards that also double as door access key cards allows management to know who's coming and going and exactly when. It prevents unauthorized access to exterior entry doors and can also be used for control of internal doors where only specific personnel are allowed entry. When an employee leaves your employment it's no longer necessary to have locks re-keyed or to worry about current employees having copies of keys to your facility being made.

ID badges are a great tool for maintaining employee accountability regarding attendance and hours worked. In addition, badges can be printed to reflect important emergency information pertaining to that specific individual in case of an injury or other medical emergencies.

Having a system for identifying visitors to your facility will add to a more secure environment and allow for more detailed accountability. A real benefit of working with a technologically advanced company like eXpress Badging is that you have the capability of creating a secure environment tailored to your exact needs. From a simple personnel ID system or control over entry access to an advanced biometric or detailed data accumulation system, we have the expertise to meet your precise needs.

While large organizations often purchase their own hardware and software to handle printing and issuance of their own security badges, smaller companies have the option of outsourcing those tasks to us.

For more than 20 years, eXpress Badging has been producing high quality photo ID badges, name badges, ID cards and name badges, all custom made to clients' exact specifications. This includes custom-printed logos, reverse-side text and special security elements such as holographic seals, barcodes, magnetic strips or RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification). We gladly handle large and small orders, even if all you need is one single replacement badge.

If you are a small organization with relatively few employees, perhaps you've not given much thought to the need for this form of heightened security in your facility. This is an affordable way of improving accountability in the workplace and, once even a small system is put into place, it can easily be expanded as your organization continues to grow. If you'd like further information feel free to contact us to learn about the many options available.