The benefits associated with installing a fully-integrated ID Card System for your business/organization are many and, with current technologies, there seems no limit to the amount of security and convenience this type of system can provide. Whether it's something as basic as issuing custom-printed ID cards for employee or student identification or installing a fully-integrated digital imaging and access control system, the level of your identification management security program can easily be customized to meet for your specific requirements.

Data Management

A primary benefit when setting up an integrated badging/ID management system is the ability to gather information from existing databases such as those maintained in human resources or from current student/membership rolls. Use of these existing databases will provide efficiency in the card-issuing process and help prevent the issuance of duplicates.

Integrated Card System Security

Integrated systems are secure on many levels. Access control is a primary concern in many buildings, whether it's through entry and exit doors or for specific rooms or areas within a facility. With existing read/write capabilities, each ID card or badge produced can carry specific restrictions to particular access points, allowing only those who are authorized to gain entry. Entry doors can be fitted with keyless locks and made operational only through the use of authorized cardholders. That way, when an employee resigns or is terminated, re-keying of locks is no longer necessary as access is easily reconfigured through the system.

A number of security features can be added to ID cards in order to make them more secure and less likely to be copied or counterfeited. Magnetic stripes, bar codes, holographic foil images and special types of encoding can all be added to increase card security.
Centralized Issuance for Multiple Locations

For organizations with operations in multiple facilities or geographic areas, an integrated identification management system allows for cards/badges to be issued out of a single location from a centralized database yet be operational in all appropriate facilities. This is especially beneficial to large organizations. Enrollment data and photos can be obtained from any location and then sent to a central location for printing and issuance.

ID badges can also be enrolled in multiple systems to keep track of a variety of activities such as movement through access points, cafeteria meal accounts, time clock data and anything else for which accountability is desired. Software available with an integrated ID management system is totally flexible, providing the capability of running locally on a single computer or across a large network for instant access to anyone having authorization.

For functional facilities and personnel control management, there is no better system than an integrated ID management system. Just like keycards have replaced traditional keys in most of today's hotels, many businesses, hospitals, educational institutions and government facilities are trending toward the use of security cards. Whether you procure the needed equipment to produce these cards in-house or outsource to a card system provider, the increased security is well worth the investment.