As the use of ID cards and badges continues to become more prolific within business organizations, educational institutions, government and medical facilities, we're finding an ever-increasing number of those requiring these ID credentials wanting to create their own in house. This is especially true for enterprises employing large numbers of personnel, having large student populations, members or even a steady flow of daily visitors. With new hardware/software technologies constantly hitting the market, creating professional and full-functioning ID cards, tags, fobs, etc., with everything from photos and text to proximity/RFID options and biometrics is now possible with the right in-house setup.

If you find your organization's ID badging needs to be such that the easiest and most immediate solution is to have the job outsourced, we at eXpress badging are ready and willing to take on that task and provide you with the highest quality product and best service you could hope for at a fair and reasonable cost. We've been providing this service for many types of organizations for more than 20 years.

If, however, your ID credential needs are such that a dedicated in-house team will be doing the job, here's some free advice you'll want to consider as you get into the planning phase for this important project.

1. Check your data – having messy, inconsistent data on your people is going to make this job much tougher and more time-consuming. Make sure to update your personnel data-base(s) prior to beginning. This is especially important if you're dealing with multiple locations within your organization. A good software package will make disparate data integration much easier to perform.

2. How long's it been? – if this is a reissue of cards, consider the length of time since the last cards were created, since people change their look and new photos may be required. One of the new available camera kits may be a wise purchase to ensure you have the best quality results for your project.

3. Do you have the needed equipment? – if already in possession of ID card printing equipment, is it capable of handling the volume you foresee completing? Should you think about a printer upgrade? Should you get a printer that can handle options such as bar codes, magnetic strips, proxy or RFID encoding?

4. Will everyone be getting re-badged? – if so, look into getting a discount on a volume purchase of card stock.

5. How will credentials be displayed? - will you need lanyards or card holders/clips? Will some individuals require contactless proximity credentials? What about vehicle identification?

Questions? Contact us at eXpress badging. We're here to help!