HID Key Fobs

HID Key Fobs and Microprox Tags

HID proximity key fobs and HID Microprox tags allow to establish a secure access control that is fast and convenient for its users. Both HID fobs and tags use the same HID Prox 125 kHz credentials technology, however they have characteristics that differentiate their functionality. HID Prox key fobs are often used in residential applications such as access to gated communities; they have an eyelet on the side and due to their compact size are usually placed on a key ring. Small and circle-shaped HID Microprox tags in turn have an adhesive on one side that allows to easily attach them on almost any surface such as the existing access cards and other non-metallic items. The implementation of the HID key fobs and Microprox tags is a cost efficient project that doesn't require new equipment installation due to their universal compatibility with a variety of HID card readers. Purchase HID Microprox tags and key fobs in quantities available on our website or contact us now to make a custom order.