eXpressPROX RFID Cards

High Quality and Fast Turnaround Proximity ID Card Stock eXpressPROX™ from eXpress badging

eXpress badging's eXpressPROX™ generic RFID proximity cards use the same technology as the name brand and boast high quality characteristics meanwhile providing a more affordable option for your RFID door access control system.

These RFID cards have a polished imaging surface designed for use with PVC printers for custom image printing and can be ordered in two options - standard PVC or more durable composite PVC material required for lamination style printers.

You may order blank unprinted generic proximity cards in bulks of 50 counts if you have your own ID card printing system in place. And if you don't then we will take care of all the ID badge design and printing work for you. Contact us now at 1-800-909-8602 if you need more information or submit a request form.