Blank RFID Cards

RFID Proximity Cards, Contactless Smart Cards and Key Fobs

  • Proximity Card Formats (125kHz)
  • Contactless Smart Cards (13.56MHZ)
  • High-Frequency RFID
  • Ultra-High Frequency
  • NFC and Bluetooth Compatible
  • Multi-Tech Formats
  • Guru Level Sales and Support

RFID cards and key fobs are proven and reliable technologies universally compatible with all proxy readers and support over 137 billion unique codes. eXpress badging can help you select right blank RFID cards compatible with the technology of your RFID enabled system. Our selection includes blank RFID cards in a variety of formats and working frequencies including 125MHz proximity cards, 13.56MHz contactless smart cards, UHF, NFC and multi-format RFID cards.

If you’re looking for blank RFID cards or key fobs, you will fall into one of the two categories. You either bought "open standard" format cards or "proprietary" format cards. In the past 35/37 bit proprietary RFID cards required you to go back to the company that provided your system and pay their price. Not any longer. eXpress badging’s eXpressPROX (tm) proximity ID cards use the same technologies as expensive name brand proximity RFID cards at a fraction of the cost.

Tip: Be careful as many manufacturers have different formats that are one letter or number off and you could end up with the wrong card stock. If you do not know for sure what type of RFID card technology you are using, take a picture of the RFID product label and email it to your eXpress badging ID Specialist. Or contact us directly by submitting a request form to get a further assistance