Basic Name Badge Design Landscape 1

Basic Name Badge Design Landscape 1


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Name Badge Design Template

The Basic ID Design Template: So you need some ID badges, a basic ID design is all you need, and low cost is a driving factor. The Basic ID Design is a perfect choice, and is a very simple design option that only requires you to email your quality logo along with a provided spreadsheet that you will populate with your data, and attach any associated badge photo files. eXpress badging will place your logo as shown on the above template samples, import your data and photos, then print them to a Production Print Preview PDF. eXpress badging will email the Production Print Preview for approval of data and photos only.

No design edits are allowed without an additional cost. If you would like more design options, view our Standard Templates or Custom Design Services items that are designed for those who have a more complex badge design/s. Additional services include; providing a scanned printed badge proof, allows for revisions, and printed samples are mailed upon request.

The Basic ID Design can not start until we receive your data and photos. Once received, the Production Print Preview is emailed within 2 to 3 business days. Once approved, the badges will be printed and shipped within 2 business days.

LOGO: Make sure you send a logo that when viewed is the size you want printed on the badge. If we have to enlarge or reduce the logo size, it will affect image quality. The logo will be aligned center from both vertical and horizontal edges.

BACK SIDE TEXT: We will print information on the back side in black. Information must be provided. We will get as close to formatting as possible. We will cut and paste your text into the design template. Make sure you proof it prior to sending. Any edit requests on the Production Print Proof will result in an edit fee.

DATA: We will email you a spreadsheet that must be filled out with your data. No header columns can be edited, added, or deleted, as it will affect the import into your badge template database.

PHOTOS: If your photo files are under 10 mb in size in total, you can attach them to your email. Otherwise, review our Drop Box instructions.

We can add to your ID badge barcodes, encoded magnetic stripes, and most brands of RFID proximity and smart cards like eXpressPROX, HID, Indala, Xceed ID and more. An additional technology fee is required/added to the cart for each technology used. We send actual test samples along with a test sign-off sheet that must be completed, signed and returned in order to guarantee card compatibility. We highly recommend that you select our DURAbadge format for all technology cards so you will average a much longer badge life over non-DURAbadge or what we call Standard badges.