Badging Service Photo Capturing Tips

Photo Capturing Tips for Secure and Great looking Badges

  1. Please select a low-resolution image setting when taking badge photos. The resulting image size should be approximately 100 Kb, maximum, to allow for easy multiple uploads. Badges are printed at 300 DPI, so there is no need to capture higher resolution images. Do not worry, if you capture the photo as instructed below, you will capture and print very high-quality photos.
  2. If possible, it is best to capture photos while the person is sitting, as it requires less camera adjustment. 
  3. Use a backdrop so your badge photos look professional. This also helps with image quality. The backdrop material acts as a light diffuser and reduces glare. This can be as simple as purchasing a 3' x 3' piece of light blue felt and some push pins, and affix to your wall. Or for under $200 you can get a professional backdrop tripod and stand and look like a pro.  We do not recommend using backdrops for color coding. If you are capturing your photos properly you should not see much of the backdrop. Use printed color codes on the badge design for the best color code identification.
  4. It is recommended to get as close as possible to the person, displaying only the shoulders and headshot. If you are too far away, the headshot appears too small or grainy if enlarged. The camera is best set approximately 3' from the person. The zoom can be a great thing but can cause grainy photos if not used properly. 
  5. Take a look at your lighting situation. When possible, place your chair in between your fluorescent lights, as they tend to produce green/yellow tints. If high-quality photos are your goal, enable your camera's flash or you may want to invest in external lighting. 
  6. Take 2 or three photos while the person is in front of you. Then select the best image for submission. 
  7. You do not have to crop the image to size.  The image will be cropped and printed to 1" x 1 1/4" once it is sent to eXpress badging and the brightness and contrast will be adjusted if needed  to create the best-captured image.
  8. When storing your photos, keep in mind that this is a security resource, so your data and photos should be protected via user rights and a regular backup of photo-related files. This is very important. Similar to wearing a seat belt, the probability of needing it is remote. But when you do, the time saved recapturing the photo files is worth way more than the time required setup a good back up process

Author: Joe French

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