Badge Lanyards

Breakaway Badge Lanyards

When you work in a high-security building, your identification badge must be scanned repeatedly to access different floors or rooms. Keep your badge handy with ID lanyards. You streamline the scanning process while maintaining safety and security throughout the company. Even cheap lanyards are of high quality from eXpress badging, allowing you to always have extra on hand for visitors or employees who have lost their badge lanyards.

One of the best reasons to buy wholesale lanyards is the bulk discounting. Examine your company's lanyard needs, and buy your lanyards by the hundreds. Your discount is substantial, even on breakaway lanyards. Similar to a necklace, these lanyards allow you to add and replace items while breaking away if caught accidentally. You want your employees to remain safe while wearing the lanyard to avoid any workplace injuries. Buy your lanyards today and get your whole company outfitted with these handy tools.

With eXpress badging, you get wholesale lanyards at great prices! Call us today!