Asure ID 7 Express

Asure ID 7 Express


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Asure ID 7 Express Software

Asure ID 7 Express™ is the way to go for companies looking for affordable and basic ID management software. This easy-to-use stand alone photo ID card software is perfect when you're just wanting to enter some data, capture a photo and print photo ID badges. All with advanced card design tools and batch printing capabilities.

Once purchased, you'll be on your way delivering identity security were you need it the most. Contact eXpress badging today if you'd like further assistance.

Key Features:
  • User friendly interface designed to manage photo ID printing and issuance. 
  • Custom design data entry screen.
  • Internal database that is local to the PC.
  • Easy to create custom ID badge templates.
  • Quickly live capture, or import your ID photos for cropping.
  • Easily print ID badges to your desktop badge printer.

Additional Upgrades:
  • Add 2 hours of Remote-into PC installation for $200.00.
  • Add 12 months of professional level support for $200.00.
  • Select from many of our badge holders and accessories
  • Add the power of proximity card RFID to your ID badge system.
  • Call for additional support options or configurations 800-909-8602