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Express Badging Services, Inc.

Can you tell an impostor from an employee?

ABOUT US  -  IDentify our company


Securing the world's workspace with the most secure and efficient photo ID badge solutions!


eXpress badging is laser-focused on efficiently and effectively providing contracted photo ID badging services and solutions to employers of all sizes facing batch or ongoing issuance due to increased security, a rebrand, and upgrading card technology. Leveraging our decades of experience issuing millions of personalized photo ID badges, our specialized badge issuance services allows our customers to focus their resources on what they do best while we do what we do best.


n. the belief that guides a firm's actions, unites its employees and defines its brand

  • Security first (protection of all assets and people; internal and external)
    • Protecting all data, documents, stored identity photographs, customers and employees with internal security policies and processes that exceed industry standards.
  • Simplify the complicated (portray the shortest path via an untold journey)
    • Discuss the why, more than the how. Quality output requires complex processes.
    • Support customers with a highly trained, committed and passionate workforce.
  • Education for all (quickly inform employees, vendors, and customers)
    • Share industry knowledge and best practices fast-tracking a discovery path to a secure and efficient identity solution.
    • Provide an educational and fulfilling work environment for employees, vendors, and associates that encourage "personal best" performance in all aspects of both business and personal life.
  • People manage the cart (support, listen and respond with emotion and sincerity)
    • Photo ID projects require effective communication that cannot be accomplished with a mouse click.
    • eXpress badging exceeds customer expectations through quality customer service, sales, and support.
  • Process defines quality (ability to replicate excellence)
    • Trained staff executing proven processes will replicate consistent results.
  • Solutions are customer focused (understand customer needs)
    • Customer needs are never the same and require discovery to learn what solution is the best fit.
  • Change by adaptation, evolution, and perseverance (listen and respond to the market)
    • Promote risk-taking and evaluate the outcome with a positive mindset; successful or not.


  • eXpress badging is unique in our expertise in offering outsourced photo ID printing services as a primary solution, integrating proven ID badge technology within your organization's time and attendance, security door access, point of sale, tracking and single sign-on systems; with the use of a common ID badge, fob, token, PIN or biometrics. Our secured facility is staffed with highly trained personnel that are proficient in handling high volumes of photo ID badge productions with outputs exceeding 10,000 units fulfilled and shipped daily.
  • eXpress badging also has decades of experience in sales and support of photo ID badge management systems. We have identification solutions for all types of organizations; large and small.
  • eXpress badging is an authorized provider in what we believe to be the best-in-industry line of photo ID systems products. We are your sales and support office for all of the lines we are trained to represent.
  • eXpress badging uses a consultative solution approach, versus a product-oriented one. With careful listening and focused questions, we help determine the best and most effective configuration of products and services for our customer's needs. This is our proven technique for doing it right the first time!
  • eXpress badging was started in 1993 and is 51% woman-owned. Due to our decades of industry experience, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in custom printed identification products, identification technology, and application systems (software/hardware) sales, installation, training, and support.
  • eXpress badging has a high degree of competence in authentication data management. On a regular basis our technical support team works with data that is integrated with other disparate systems (HRIS, SIS, POS, door access, time and attendance, tracking etc.) using unique badge numbers that are typically linked to unique employee and/or non-employee numbers; and most likely include a referenced unique identity photograph. We also understand the many complexities of card technologies and how they play their part in the data collection environment and how they make it challenging when creating an efficient and secure data sharing gateway that is easily managed when done properly.
  • eXpress badging's largest market segment is healthcare and understands their complex identity management needs. With that stated many customers include local, city and state government, small business to Fortune 100 corporations, education and non-profit organizations.

ABOUT US  - Identify our management

Laina French/Chair-woman of the Board, Secretary, & Treasurer: Laina French is the founding owner (1993) of Express Badging Services, Inc. Mrs. French is a dedicated professional with expertise in finance and business operations. In 2003 Mrs. French managed the transition of eXpress badging from a home-based sole proprietorship business to a corporation, partnering with her husband. Prior to 1993, Mrs. French's past experience included driving the administrative management efforts of two emerging businesses that specialized in advertising and purchasing within the hospitality industry.  Mrs. French has applied her Bachelor of Science education from the University of Central Florida in Business Management and delegates and directs executive efforts of eXpress badging.
Joe French/President: The dedicated eXpress badging team is led by an experienced Identification Specialist, Joe French, who offers more than 28 years in the personal identity business as an identification integrator. In addition to joining forces with his wife in 2003 to manage the sales and marketing efforts of their own business, Mr. French previously worked for IDenticard Systems Incorporated for 13 years in sales and sales management delivering high-tech photo identification solutions within the Southeast United States. For three more years Mr. French lead the business development efforts of ITC Systems delivering cash card solutions to campuses and libraries across the entire United States. eXpress badging is currently a factory authorized partner of both IDenticard and ITC Systems.

Today, the French's thrive on the fast-paced, customer-oriented environment of managing and marketing their identification solutions business. The French's maintain their unsurpassed level of business and ID expertise by staying on top of the latest advances in identification technology, which allows eXpress badging to deliver the most efficient, innovative and up-to-date identity solutions in the industry. Their primary focus is on motivating the entire eXpress badging team to maintain their stellar level of customer service and technical support.